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3 Cheap Ways to Measure & Calculate Body Fat

It makes us worrisome to see any part of our skin hanging loose, being an unfortunate sign of body fat that has permeated due to lack of exercise and inconsistent food habits. This issue is being faced by millions around the world and this next generation is working tirelessly to make sure that they can remove such fat from their bodies.

In light of the recent reports that clearly portray the true damage of obesity, people are using multiple exercises and suitable diet plans to take better care of their lives. However, they are not clear as to how they are supposed to check their own body fat and that leads to using misinformation as the source.

Which Is The ‘Right’ Way?!

It is basic mistakes that people make that in order to measure or calculate their respective body fat, they spend a lot of money to take medical scans and reports. Although this method shows the level of fat that the body contains, it sure comes at a hefty price. There are more subtle and cheaper techniques to calculate one’s body fat and it might cost you only a few dollars.

  1. Use The Clampers

These clampers are very cheap and can be gotten hold of quite easily. All it requires is to be held at a certain part of the body (both specified for men and women) and apply the necessary pressure on the skin. The clamper has a suitable fat reader that can show the amount of fat that body part contains.

  1. Get The BIA Device

Most people require a more finesse system to calculate their fat. They are working on a strict schedule and have to omit a lot of fat daily through extensive workouts. For them, the cheap Bioelectric Impedance Analysis is the solution. Simply stand on it after the workout and it will show you the proper results.

  1. Get The Calculator

Throughout the internet, there are various calculators that can show you the exact percentage of body fat. Rather than spend any money at all, this is the most viable option. Just type in a few required data like weight and waist size and no need to run the numbers. Easy as Pi!!


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