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35 degree below socks reviews

With the current weather trends, it seems like winter will be staying a bit longer than intended. So, if you’ve still not invested in a pair of warm socks, now would be the perfect time to do so. And you’re not just investing in any socks but the 35 degrees below socks. The 35 degrees below socks are designed with an “Aerospace Fabric Technology”, therefore, unlike any other standard winter socks of yours, these socks will keep your feet warmer for longer. The socks are manufactured with aluminized threads woven into a knit fabric; that sounds like torturing your feet doesn’t it? However, these woven threads won’t be torturing your feet at all because they are extremely soft to touch and keep your feet warm by reflecting your body heat.

35 degree below socks feel thinner than regular socks and are moderately comfortable crew socks. The socks come in two colors, white and black. The white color of the socks, however, was originally described as silver and when worn, looks more off-white, whereas the black pair has a dark gray appearance to it with a silver toe and sole. Although the 35 degrees below socks are quite thin, they perform the same job as any other standard socks. For this reason, these socks will probably work better as under socks since they would not add as much bulk compared to a standalone thermal sock. Nonetheless, the aerospace fabric technology in these socks reduces moisture, keeping your feet dry, comfortable and warm for the whole day. The socks are machine washable, dryer safe and can be worn by both men and women.

Here’s all you need to know about 35 degrees below socks

How much do these socks cost?

The 35 degrees below socks cost below $19.99 and there are no charges for shipment either. You can visit their website to order the socks. The socks are highly affordable compared to sports or wicking socks making them incredibly well priced.

The socks can be used indoor and outdoor

You can wear these socks inside your home or when you’re out and about for running errands, going for a run or a walk or even while shoveling snow. The socks are designed to be worn indoor and outdoor.

There’s a size for everybody

The socks are perfect for men and women because they are unisex. It comes in sizes small, medium and large. Moreover, the socks are thinner than any other ordinary socks.

35 degree below socks reviews

The 35 degrees below socks reviews from customers are positive across the board, with positive feedback from all users, the socks are an affordable commodity for all.

How do the 35 degrees below socks work?

As mentioned above, these socks use aerospace fabric technology. The 35 degrees below socks are designed for ensuring the feet remain warm, reduce moisture and reflect heat. The socks maintain a constant temperature when worn so no fluctuations are felt. When compared to standard socks, these socks trap heat better so your feet are significantly warmer during the winter months. These socks might be thin, but they are awfully comfortable to wear and warm up your feet the instant you put them on. You can even wear them under your normal socks to increase heat.

Do these socks have any cons?

Every great thing has a few cons. Even though these winter socks come in all sizes and fit both men and women, there are not many sizes available for children. However, children can obviously wear these socks if their feet fit in adult-sized socks but if your child’s feet are too small then, unfortunately, they will have to go without the comfort of these socks.

You can’t mix and match with these socks

The socks come in both black and white, however, they are sold in a pack of identical colors, so you can’t have three different colors in a pack of three. So, if you want both colors, you will either have to get three pairs of white socks or three pairs of black socks.

The socks might ditch you half way through

The socks will only be effective as long as your body stays fairly warm because these socks reflect body heat and keep your feet warm. So, as long as your body is warm, your feet will be warm and if your body temperature drops to a very cold one, your socks won’t be warm anymore.

The socks could rip

According to the 35 degrees below socks reviews, they are quite durable but because of their sheer nature and lightweight, regardless of what they are made out of, they can rip more easily compared to a bulkier version of socks. If you want these socks to last you a while and work as effectively as possible, wear them under any other pair of socks. The added layer will keep the socks as close to your body as possible and will absorb as much heat as possible. It’s best to wear these socks while you are indoor to make sure that you are fairly warm when putting these socks on before you head out in the cold.

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