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5 Abs Workout for Women That Will Work like A Charm

If you are a man, one thing that we must want by now is a chiseled body with six-packs, so your T-shirt fits you just right. In case you are a woman, you might want to add yourself to the team. Women are now equally into fitness as much as men, and this has little to do with impressing the opposite gender and more to do with feeling healthy and opting for a good lifestyle. There is no doubt that choosing a healthy lifestyle is not just limited to the workout plan; it also includes making healthy and significant changes in your eating habits and your overall selection of activities. There is no doubt it is a long journey, and only the most determined can win. If you want a quick, easy-fix that you find in the market, let us break it to you. There is no easy fix to the kind of body you are looking for. You might lose a lot of weight, but you will see various side effects, including saggy body structure, losing the muscles, dull and dry skin, brittle hair, and weakness. If you want to stay healthy, retain your muscle, and burn fat as well, there is no short-cut. 

Apart from the change in diet, you also need to start exercising, and this is not just regular stretching exercises or Zumba. Instead, the workout plan includes hardcore exercises that will help you build your core just like you want. These exercises are easy and they don’t require any equipment, all you need is a good gym wear and you are ready to workout.   


One of the best exercises that you want for abs is crunches. However, we are not talking about ordinary crunches. We are talking about the best alternatives for normal crunches that will work like a charm. According to stats, normal crunches are not as effective as it looks; however, there is nothing better than bicycle crunches. All you have to do is just lay down flat and raise your legs up; now, every time you raise your body from the floor, use your legs like you are running a bicycle. One thing that will make this exercise more compelling is the posture; you need to keep your core tight and your muscles firm.


One of the most famous quotes that everyone is now familiar with, “one minute on the daily life is equal to 1 hr. on plank”. This is one of the most challenging exercises and yet the best and most effective one you can ever find. All you need to do is just lay upside down in the push-up position and then support your body weight with the help of your elbow. You don’t need to move, instead stay in the same posture for as long as you can. Once you build up the stamina, you can add weight as well; this will help you with better results. One of the biggest mistakes that most people commit while doing a plank is, keeping the body posture quite loose. You need to keep your core tight and firm for better results.

Push Up

Push up is one of the most famous exercises that will not only help you build your stamina, but it will also help you to work out your whole upper body. If you want to amp it up a little, you can further add the weight, or you can even try a one-arm push-up. Although a little tricky, you will see better results soon. You can also alternate the hands, and this will give you a nice balance.  

Knee Raise

One of the most essential and challenging exercises on our list is knee raise. If you want to work your whole body, this is definitely a must try exercise. It would help if you had a monkey bar that you can have even at your home, and they try to support you by hanging yourself via the monkey bar. As you hand yourself, now lift up your knees, try not to bend your knees, and keep your legs straight. You want to work up your core muscles, so make sure they are firm and tight. This is one of the most effective exercises that you can try.

Russian Twist

The Russian twist is a great way to churn up the abs muscles. You can use a softball, or if you don’t have it, you can skip the use of softball and use your hands instead. Just sit as you would and then lift up your knees, so your legs are a little bent right in front of you. Now try touching the ground with both your hands at one side at a time.  

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