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5 Healthy Reasons why Sex is Good for You

This might give a setback to those who are into moral policing, but given the benefits of having regular sex it just seems worth it. Those who preach sexual abstinence for well-being of human race, possibly, don’t see its positive sides.  After full time studying and scientific research it has been proved that sexual abstinence has only one benefit, i.e. it’s just harmless. So, you’re in a no-profit-no-loss deal if you follow a lifestyle of abstinence from sex.

Indeed, there are several positive sides of it, particularly on the health-related aspects associated with the human body. A good satisfying love-making session not only keeps you from being called, desperate, it also ensures better functioning of your physiological systems. Not only the reproductive system, but also almost all of the systems inside the human body get benefited by a good sex life.

  1. Cardiovascular Health

In multiple researches having been conducted at numerous universities and prominent medical centers, good effects of sex on the cardiovascular health have been identified. Researchers and medical experts have found that the risk of stroke and heart attacks was reduced to half in the men who had sex twice or thrice a week.

  1. Sensory functioning

As most of you would be aware, sex is associated with secretion of several important hormones in body. One of such hormones is Prolactin that is released after a love making session. This hormone helps develop new neurons in the brain, which also helps improve sense of smell, as the scientists at Calgary University in Canada have discovered. In addition, minerals like Zinc also improve sensory functioning, are found in the male’s semen.

  1. Mental and Emotional Health

As everyone would agree that a good session of love making makes you happier. This is also true from the physiological perspective as well.  In addition to being a definitive stress-buster, it keeps away the risk of depression, particularly in women. Thanks to the Prostoglandin hormone (found in semen), the hormones that cause overly emotional states of mind are controlled and modulated.

  1. Prostate Health

In men, urological disorders are quite frequently seen, particularly at older ages. Amongst the organs that need to be at their healthiest state for good urological functioning, the prostate gland is arguably the most important organ. There are several disorders, such as prostate cancer that occur due to unhealthy prostate. Another good thing about sex is that ejaculation (particularly, being monogamous) reduces the risk of prostate related problems including prostate cancer.

  1. Immunity, dental health, and pain-relief

Regular sex makes you immune since it involves release of vital hormones participating in the immune system and provides a very healthy workout. The hormone secretion during and after sex also helps alleviate symptoms of various minor problems such as pains in various parts of body, including head and muscles. As for dental health, minerals (such as zinc, calcium etc.) present in semen also decelerate decay of teeth.

In addition to the above areas of human wellness, sex is unarguably a great exercise that smoothens and maintains optimum functioning of several organs at one time. It also helps reduce weight and thus, reduces the risk for several diseases.

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