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6 Astounding Remedies to Get Rid of Sunspots

Sunspots are lighter or darker spots which can appear on skin in different forms, shapes and color. Exposed area of our body such as nose, cheeks, arms and forearms are at more risk of having sunspots. Normally, these spots are harmless but most people consider it unappealing. They can appear on the skin for various reasons such as extensive exposure to the harmful UV rays of sun, allergy to sunlight no matter how shorter or longer the exposure is, skin tone because people having lighter skin tone are more prone to have these spots and sunburn to various parts of skin.

Spots like these can be removed using some preventive measures such as:

  • Avoid tanning: if you don’t want these ugly looking blemishes on your beautiful skin, avoid all means of tanning because whether natural or artificial like tanning bed.
  • Usage of sunscreen protection: sunscreen protection can protect you from the harmful UVA lights and it should be in your daily routine to use a minimum of SPF 15. If you want further protection from the sunburn and skin damage, you can use increased amount of SPF in your sun block.
  • Anti UVB coating: if you spend a lot of time travelling in your car, then you are at more risk of having sunspots. To prevent this, install an anti UVA and UVB coating on the windshields and windows of your car. These can also be installed on the window of your office or home. 

Natural remedies to prevent sunspots

If you know the underlying causes of the sunspots on your skin, you can use the required remedies for their removal. It is also advised to visit a dermatologist first to get a better insight about the problem. Here are few natural remedies to get rid of sunspots that are inspired from this blog as follow:

  • Lemon juice: the antioxidant and bleaching properties of lemon juice makes it a better choice to remove the sunspots. It also helps in getting the soft and beautiful skin. Simply apply the lemon juice on the affected areas of the skin and leave it for about 20 minutes. Wash it cold water and repeat the remedy until you get the desired results.

Another great remedy would be using a paste made from sugar and lemon juice. To make this paste, simply add enough sugar in the lemon juice to for a mixture that has to be applied on the sunspots as a scrub. Apply this scrub for 10-15 minutes and wash it off.

  • Buttermilk: buttermilk is a natural moisturizer containing the lactic acid which exfoliates dead cells from skin without drying it. To use it, apply it with cotton ball on your brown spots. Leave it there for 15 minutes and then wash the area with cold water. If you are also having oily skin or acne, use lemon juice with buttermilk to increase its effects.
  • Castor oil: its strong healing properties make it ideal for the removal of age spots and wrinkles. Along with the castor oil, you can use coconut oil to make it more effective to be used for the brown spots. To use it, apply it for few minutes with cotton ball on the affected areas. Leave it for few hours and then wash your face. Better would be to apply it overnight and then rinse it off in morning. Repeat the process for a month to get younger looking skin.

If after using all the above mentioned remedies, you are still unable to remove your brown spots, visit a dermatologist. There are also other chemical based sunspot removal remedies available but they have other side effects, so it is advised to prefer the natural treatment.

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