Mattress Affects Your Sleep and Health

7 Surprising Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep and Health

When life becomes too busy and full, your good night’s sleep is the first thing you sacrifice. If you are one of those fellows who is not giving enough importance to sleep, then wake up! By practicing this habit, you are not only damaging your next day’s work and routine (which is quite obvious). But also, you are risking your health.

Exercise, healthy diet and sleep are three pillars of a healthy and fit life. Poor quality of mattress can be one of the problems with your sleep issues. And sadly, not many people recognize the fact that it is worth to invest in a quality mattress.

1. Stress

People suffer higher stress levels if they are using their old mattress. Apparently, new mattress helps to reduce your stress levels. And also by using these 35 below socks reduces your stress level.

It is advised to replace your mattress with a new one if it is more than 8-years-old.

2. Allergies

After using it for long, mattress becomes a breeding ground for several micro-organisms, which causes allergies. These allergies might become a threat to your health.

Clean your mattress from time to time. Go, get a new mattress, if you are suffering from a sore throat or a runny nose.

3. Back Pain

The ultra-plush mattress is not good for your posture, it creates an unusual bend in your lower back.

Test your mattress before buying it, make sure it gives you a proper spine and neck alignment.

4. Perpetual Fatigue

If you are feeling exhausted and unhappy, irrespective of sleeping for eight hours. Then it is not you, it is your mattress at fault.

Did you know, eventually the quality of your sleep gets worse as the mattress gets old.

5. Wear and Tear

If you find any lumps forming on the mattress or your back hurts from the torn spring of the mattress.

Time to purchase a new one, as bad quality or torn mattress can lead to body aches and cause poor sleep.

6. Creaking

Mattress’s springs are not working properly if they are making creaking noise whenever you toss and turn.

These springs disabled mattress gives inadequate support to your neck and back, which can lead to some serious health issues.

7. Insomnia

Many believe that for a good good-night sleep, a good quality mattress is very important. Poor quality of mattress can also be one of the reasons for difficulty in sleeping.

Just go ahead and buy a new mattress, if you are experiencing one or more of the aforesaid warning sign. Have a look at the below infographic for more information.



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