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Abs Exercises to Add To Your Workout

One of the biggest faults that new bodybuilders make is going after the big exercises rather than take on the basics. This result in problems in the body shape not becoming as it was needed to be. In that vein, most people focus more on the upper part of the body more, trying to increase the chest and shoulder muscles. This leaves the lower legs, thighs and the abs at the same level not fitting up to a desirable shape.

Solve – Don’t Resolve

It is unfortunate that people go through this mistake and have to redo all the hard work to ensure they can get the right figure for their respective bodies. It is better to understand and acknowledge the fact that the initial step is to place more time and energy to developing the core. This is the central middle chest area; making abs is not that big a deal and can be easily done by performing some special exercises before initiating your daily workout routine.

Top Five Exercises

Here are five necessary exercises that should become a part of your regular schedule:


Place your back on the floor and form a ‘V’ shape at the bottom part of the knees. Once in that position, cross your arms at the back of your head and push upwards using the neck and back shoulder muscles. Ten reps should do the trick!!

Sit ups

It is the exact same as the crunches but this time, push the entire body by using your hip while staying in that position. This exercise is most commonly used for abs but few know that the crunches should also be done with it.


Lie down on the mat and push you legs as straight as possible at a 90 degree angle upwards. Do so continuously and moving the legs in a corkscrew direction occasionally. Do the same ten reps as on previous exercises.


The planks are the most important part of these five exercises and it as many types and forms. The basic plank is placing one’s shoulders on the mat and performing a pushup state. Keeping that state is the key to getting good abs. Some even perform single leg and hand planks. The Spiderman planks (twisting one leg in a curved position while standing on the other) are an advance level plank.


Raise your legs to a 30/40 degree angle and try to keep them aloft at that position at long as possible. Remember to keep your arms at the sides on the mat and use only the leg muscles to execute this exercise.

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