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Adam Foster Bares All: Inspiration, Bodybuilding & Diet

Previously, no one knew much about this bodybuilder’s journey of becoming a professional or anything about his life. As to how he keeps himself fit and in shape, he was mum on all of it. Except now, when he has shared most of his experiences and professed to his daily lifting routines in detail. More than that, he has even shared his eating habits, the amount of carbs and proteins he intakes.

Throughout his recent interviews he has made some statements that are creating media frenzy, mostly due to his inspiration and the words he chose for that particular person. Here are some fo the highlights that he has shared in his interview.

Being Young & Fat

Many media outlets are referring to him as the ‘fat kid’. It is because he was actually quite fat and became unhappy with the way he looked. Adam talked about not wanting to wear t shirts as they made him look fat. He would eat chips and other snacks and his mother would make him eat healthy.

Struggling In The Gym

Adam Foster said that he was not satisfied with his early stint in the bodybuilding world. He was doing it to cut fat but was not able to achieve that after lifting weights. His eating problems didn’t help either; he was becoming more skinny and wanted to do a complete revamp of his body but was unsure as to how.

Adam’s Inspiration

Eddy Elwood, the five times Mr. Universe title winner is his inspiration due to the helpful advice he gave to Foster. Based on it, he was able to start the proper way around and build his body in the perfect way possible. Elwood told him to concentrate on more cardio exercises more due to which he shed the fat and took on the muscle image.

Bodybuilding Workout

Adam trains six days a week and takes Sunday off to rest. He works consecutively on his shoulder, legs, chest, biceps and triceps. He goes through the whole workout but is unsure as to which is his favorite exercise.

Diet & Supplements

He has shared his daily diet plan:

  • Breakfast is mostly about five scrambled eggs and porridge to go with it.
  • His favorite carb intake is rice and sweet potato.
  • With proteins, it all about meat with him; beef, chicken, turkey, fish and more.
  • For supplements, he takes a lot of Vitamin C and other Multi Vitamins.
  • Whey Protein and Glutamine are also part of his daily intake.

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