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“Alive Forever” – An Inspiring & Awakening Musical Video by Wai Lana

Wai Lana recently released her new music video and short film “Alive Forever.” The internationally-renowned yoga teacher has previously released Namaste to celebrate the very first International Day of Yoga. “Alive Forever” is a follow-up to Namaste and was released in honor of the second Annual International Day of Yoga. Set in scenes from ocean beaches to cherry tree orchards andbig city parks, Alive Forever features people of all ages and from all walks of life and addresses the most common concern and fear of growing old.

Wai Lana released the song to share the valuable teaching of yoga, “Aham Brahmasmi,” with everyone. The teaching shares that we are the eternal spiritual beings and we will not die when our body dies. Alive Forever is very special to Wai Lana due to the deep wisdomit has. The teaching, “Aham Brahmasmi,” has been deliberated upon by yogis for many centuries. It can help people appreciate that we’re not only material bodies, but are eternal spiritual beings.

Video :

Alive Foreverwill make you happy and at ease knowing that there is no need to be afraid of getting old because your true self is ever-lasting and always young. There’s no need to be sad as you get older, but you should feel blessed to know and understand this valuable wisdom.Alive Forever is just one of manyWai Lana’s inspirational songs.

Wai Lana is not just a yoga teacher. She’s also an author, and a real advocate for helping people achieve inner peace and health. Wai Lana has released a number of yoga products for people of all ages and from all walks of like. She has published books, healthy recipes, recorded music albums, developed yoga gear, released a meditation kit, designed yoga products for kids and has her own collection of all-natural snacks.

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