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Basic Five Chest Exercises for Beginners

Every newcomer in the gym is startled immediately by the level of bodybuilding that others are implementing to get into proper shape. This actually makes them feel a bit embarrassed when they are told to concentrate on the basics. Some even make this rookie mistake of starting on complex exercises which lead to problems later on.

First of all, DON’T WORRY!!! You’ll catch on pretty quick to the same pace as others once the basics are followed. Try not to focus on what the others are doing; rather, focus on developing a positive attitude and channel that into exercises that will help you grow in due process.

Know The Basics

Among the basics are the formidable chest exercises that can greatly increase and broaden your waist line. It can also give you a fine look once the exercises are performed in the same method. The difference can not only be felt but seen in the first few weeks of starting on them. Here are the main exercises that will help you in achieving this goal.

  1. Push ups

Most gym workers forget this basic but it is the first & foremost exercise to tackle. By performing pushups, the shoulders become sturdier making it easier to carry more weights. Doing pushups on shoulders by putting a few weights on the back is the elite exercise.

push up

  1. Bench press

Drop on the bench and start doing your reps on those weights. Make sure that the hands are placed at equal distance and start from lighter to heavier weights, reducing the reps as you go along.

bench press

  1. Dumbbell press & Fly

The dumbbells are also the chest builders. They have to be lifted together at the same height which is completely different that the bench press since this does not have a rod to balance it out. Moving the dumbbells upwards and sideways can help in increasing the upper chest muscles.

dumbell press

  1. Cables

Perform the crossover cables technique by pushing the equal weights towards each other close to the chest. This exercise works out in expanding the waist and broadening the muscle growth.

  1. Do the Dip

This is not a food metaphor!! They are hard to do yet very promising in giving results. Pushing on the shoulders and dropping in a certain line to the elbows is not an easy exercise to tackle.

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