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Benefits of using green cleaning Products

Keeping homes and offices clean and organized is a challenging responsibility, which has to be fulfilled by its inhabitants. Whether you have decided to do it yourself or you are hiring someone to do it for you, certain cleaning products and tools are required to perform this task. A wide range of chemical based stuff can be easily found in the household section of any supermarket. From detergents, bleach and soaps to multipurpose cleaners, a consumer will find a number of brands making these substances. All of them somehow claiming to provide efficient tidiness in no time. Before you get excited with their message, consider checking the composition of such items. You will be surprised after watching the presence of deadly concentrations of poisonous amines, acids, volatile organic solvents and salts. Although, they work efficiently, they also have some deadly side effects, which obviously stop and compel you to think twice before purchasing them. Researchers have revealed that such compounds can adversely affect human health, animals and the environment as well, after contaminating air and water bodies. Harmful side effects may include allergic reactions, skin irritation, asthma and indigestion.

 Obviously, no one wants to clean his home/office at the expense of health and the environment. The good news is that you can conveniently replace such harmful items from green cleaning supplies.  Below I am sharing a few key benefits of using such products to clear doubts, you may have in your mind.

 A healthier option

It reduces or even successfully eliminates the constant exposure to chemicals. You will no longer interact, absorbing and inhaling fumes of asthma, cancer-causing substances. Moreover, it also improves indoor air quality after significant reduction of poisonous airborne dust and release of gases in the atmosphere. Environmentalists have clearly mentioned the presence of fumes makes our indoor 100 times more poisonous as compared to outdoors.

Improve personal safety levels

As you are no more handling conventional synthetic compounds, it sizably reduces the incident of fatal splashes and chemical burning incidents. You might have felt irritation or itching after using laundry detergents and dish cleaners. You may simply protect you from facing these issues after choosing a suitable green product. Besides this, it also reduces storage concerns associated with dangerously flammable supplies.

Get rid of strong smelling products

Generally, synthetic products carry the strong smell due to high concentrations of harsh acids and solvents. Indoors retain such bad odours for hours, which may cause headaches. In contrast to that green biodegradable or natural substances have pleasant smells of citrus fruits, lavender, lemon grass and floral scents.

Protects environment

Organic cleaners not only good for our health, but also protect the environment. Unlike to standard synthetic formulas, they do not contain volatile organic compounds, surfactants, ammonia, phenols and petroleum. They not only improve the quality of indoor air, but also help us to clean our water bodies clean after limiting the emission of toxic byproducts in the freshwater streams. Having been biodegradable, they can be conveniently disposed of in the soil and water bodies without any fear of pollution.

Summary: Green/organic or biodegradable products are not only and an excellent choice to maintain human health, but also to keep our environments clean and green.

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