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Best Equipment for Abs Workout

Everyone admires perfectly toned and intensely ripped abdominal. You may spend months striving for a flat tummy, but results aren’t going to appear unless you’re doing it the right way.

Initially, if you want a strong core and ripped abs, you must work out using the effective equipment. Below are the best and the most effective machines for Abs workout.

  1. Ab Benches

Ab benches are commonly found in gyms. You can use this machine for a variety of abdominal strengthening exercises.

AB benches are mostly used for sit-ups; however, they can also assist you with other ‘more effective’ exercises.

You can perform hip-raises, leg-raises or both combined for better results. Crunches can also be performed on declined ab benches for sharply-toned bodies.

Modern ab-benches can be adjusted to increase or reduce the resistance.

  1. Ab Roller Wheel

Ab roller wheel is another useful tool to train your abs, along with your shoulders, hip, and triceps. This equipment deals with muscles necessary to stabilize the body from shoulder to tailbone. If employed correctly, the Ab roll also triggers the muscles needed for a ripped six-pack.

A lot of exercises can be performed using the Ab wheel, including stability ball roll-out, full roll-out and kneeling Ab wheel rollout.

This equipment may give beginners a tough time, but it’s worth the effort.

  1. Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is a full-body-workout as it trains a lot of muscles simultaneously.

As suggested by the name, operating this machine is similar to rowing a boat. The contraction caused in abdominal muscles will tone and strengthen your core.

Even though this machine isn’t ‘intense’ enough, it is quite effective for your abs and other body muscles.

  1. Roman Chairs

This equipment mainly targets your lower back. Training lower back muscles is extremely necessary if you want to train and tone your abs, as it prevents lower-back pains and injuries. You can use your body weight for increased resistance, and engaging more muscles would provide better results.

Exercises including lying-leg-lift, chair twist, spinal extension, spinal flexion and knee extension can be performed using roman chairs.  

  1. Pull-up Bars

Pull-up bars mainly target abdominal muscles. They are extremely effective as they train most of the muscles required for a strong core. They will intensely train your upper body and shoulder muscles.

Pull up bars will assist you with hanging knee raises, negative reps, hanging leg raises, L-sits and muscle-ups.

You can install Pull up bars at your home as it consumes little space.

  1. Captain’s chair

Capatain’s chair is also called power tower. This large and bulky equipment is one of the best Ab workout equipments out there. It is an extremely effective machine for those who desire ripped six-packs. It mainly targets rectus and oblique abdominals.

There are numerous exercises that could be performed using a captain’s chair.

Captain’s chair knee raises are one of the most effective lower ab exercises. It triggers and stimulates your lower abdominal muscles.

Other exercises include Captain’s chair kicks, straight leg lifts, and hanging leg-raises.

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