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Can Medical Marijuana Treat Chronic Pain?

What is Chronic Pain?

While a pain from an injury lasts for a limited amount of time and heals eventually, chronic pain is a kind of persistent pain over a number of months or even months. Most people have reason to believe that medical marijuana is a viable option to treat chronic pain.

Chronic pain can make a huge impact on your life since it affects every little task that you have to perform on a day to day basis. Each person has a different way of dealing with it, some may be able to deal with the pain while some people might find it almost impossible to withstand it.

Issues faced by chronic pain patients

It also plays a vital role in adversely affecting your relationships and work, as well. There may be no rhyme or reason for someone to have chronic pain and that makes things even more difficult if there is not a proper diagnosis of a problem. Chronic pain has been attributed to be the reason for many people to be unable to hold their job and face difficulties maintaining their standard of living, along with treatment costs, as well.

Since most times it is difficult to diagnose, doctors are unable to prescribe a medicine or a proper solution to the problem which causes people to resort to other methods of curing themselves; this is where medical marijuana comes in. There are other ways to treat chronic pain as well such as surgery or strong medications, but those have several negative side effects that can really affect your health in the long run.

Treatment options: opioids vs. medical marijuana

When it comes to natural treatments for chronic pain, opioids and marijuana are the two options. However, opioids are addictive and have caused several deaths from overdose. According to the Journal of American Medical Association, marijuana, on the other hand, is the best option to treat this problem at the moment.

It is not only highly effective in reducing the effects of the pain, but also lacks the side effects that are attached to several other medical treatments available for chronic pain.

Patients have reported with positive statements about their condition before and after using medical marijuana and more often than not, the results have been remarkable, a lot better than other treatments as found in a study conducted by Michigan University.

Along with the positive effects of medical marijuana, it is also said that there is no risk of addiction to this form of treatment compared to the opioid treatment, which has a horrendous track record when it comes to dependency on the drug.

Procedure for obtaining medical marijuana

It is not possible to legally get medical marijuana until and unless you have a medical card which is approved by a doctor who is authorized to prescribe medical marijuana to his patients. There are several doctors and dispensaries in several states where you can get it from.

However, there is a legal procedure in order to be able to obtain it since it is a drug after all, which can be misused. You need to be 18 or have a guardian consent otherwise, physician consent is required and a qualified medical condition diagnosis has to be presented.

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