Cycling Playlist: 10 Songs to Play While Biking

Need some new songs to add to your cycling playlist? Whether you’re riding beach cruiser bikes or cycling in the mountains, you’ll want to make sure these tunes get a place. 

  1. “Bicycle Song” – Red Hot Chili Peppers
    This song is a little more laid back for an evening ride on beach cruiser bikes. It’s just a sweet song from the album “By The Way.” They’re singing “how could I forget to mention the bicycle?” but the song really sounds as if it’s about a first date.
  2. “Silver Machine” – Hawkwind
    This psychedelic rock song sounds like its out of science fiction, but it’s really about riding a bike. It’s upbeat and fun, great for riding cruiser bikes for women and men.
  3. “Bike” – Pink Floyd
    This song is from a different era, but it’s a whimsical pop song that is fun. Pink Floyd is one of the most influential groups from the 1960s. This song is from their first album.
  4. “Bicycle Race” – Queen
    You can’t play this song without adding “Fat Bottomed Girls” because they’re just two classic songs from one of the greatest groups ever. The video from Bicycle Race was controversial at the time, featuring nude women riding bicycles. The song was inspired by the Tour de France. Although it wasn’t one of their most noted songs, it’s a great inspiration for riding.
  5. “Nine Million Bicycles” – Katie Melua
    The lyrics for this song were inspired by a visit to Beijing, where there really might be nine million bicycles. The bicycles are juxtaposed against the idea of love. It’s a sweet song that’s perfect for an evening ride with your loved one.
  6. “Tour de France” – Kraftwerk 

This song is a single from the album by the same name. It celebrates cycling and racing, using sounds from bicycles for men as part of the mix. You don’t have to be on the race circuit to appreciate the music.

7. “It’s a Beautiful Day” – Beach Boys
This isn’t one of their most well-known tunes, since it wasn’t ever released on an original album, but it’s a fun song for getting around town. “Roller skating, joggin’, or a fancy bike/ You can get around most anyway you really like,” is one line from the song.

8. “The Bike Song” – Mark Ronson and The Business INTL
Bicycles speak to the inner child inside of you. This song will take you back to simpler times, when you could spend all day riding your bike with your friends around town without distractions like work.

9. “Velodrome” – The Chemical Brothers
If you enjoyed Kraftwerk’s album, you’ll need to check out this tune that was the official theme from the 2012 Olympics cycling events. It’s a relaxed tune that will get you pumped to be out on the road.

10. “On a Bicycle Built for Two” – Nat King Cole
This classic may not be as upbeat as the nine other songs on this list, but it’s certainly a reminder of how much fun bicycles can be for a couple. If you’ve never listened to the second chorus, you’ll be in for a surprise. 

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