Dark History of Steroids in Wrestling

Wrestling is considered one of the prime sports field that has been accumulating and generating interest for decades. The numbers of local and international promotions are endless as they strive to produce not just good quality wrestling but evolve the field of professional wrestling. In the United States, wrestling is considered a viable career with its roots deeply stemmed into high school mat wrestling competitions across the country.

The talent in this country has not just been created from within but wrestling promotions have also introduced wrestlers from all over the world. Although the future of wrestling looks brighter than ever in this country, it seems it will never escape its clutches from the damage inflicted on it by the steroid scandals.

Wrestling Steroid Scandals


The 1990’s are pivotal to a large number of steroid scandals emerging that not just created a negative image of the company but also the name of wrestling in general. Great leaks found their ways to newspaper headlines and court proceedings with revelations emerging on wrestlers taking steroids and drugs on a large scale. Most disturbing was the fact that it was not just overlooked but encouraged by wrestling companies.

Such fallout in term of market shares and bad publicity proceeded that the companies were forced to employ various drugs and steroid tests to ensure that no wrestler was performing under consumption of such addictive substances.

Wrestler’s Prescribed Logic


In those times, wrestler gave this unnecessary logic of not able to perform at the required level which was their sole reason to the intake of steroids pills in such quantity. But the disadvantages were so high and it harmed the competitive setup that took place based on ones skills and not a boost from some unapproved medication.

Deaths In Wrestling


Due to this relentless tradition that keeps its grasp firmly on the business, companies receive lawsuits to this day. Deaths were the prime concern as most of them were due to major health reactions from such steroids. Although the system has become refined and strict regulation has become the norm, the damage that was inflicted at the early stages still shows glimmers of it in the present climate.


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