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Essential Screening Tests for Women’s Health

What makes a woman different? As a woman, you might have many answers for this question. You know that being a woman is not that easy. A woman has many roles in her life. It starts from being a daughter, being a wife and then being a mother. With all activities on her daily life, sometimes a woman put aside her own needs, including her health. What about you? Do you forget to take care of your health? Maintaining women’s health is important. Without a healthy body, you cannot take part on your roles. In addition, your health can be in the dangerous state. Before it is too late, you need to realize the importance of having some health screenings.

  • The Importance of Screening Tests

You might do not realize the real condition of your body. There are too many things to do that you do not even care to do the health screening. Well, you should care more about women’s health. You do not want to be the last to know, right? When you go to the hospital to do the screening, you are able to spot the potential problems. The tests help you to know your illnesses so that you can take the next decisions. Of course, you have higher possibility to cure your illnesses in a near stage. By getting the health screenings, you are taking steps to have a longer, healthier and happier life.

  • Some Important Health Screenings To Do

So, what kind of health screenings to do for the sake of women’s health? You can start by taking blood pressure screening. This test should be taken at least every two years. By doing this test, you will know your blood pressure. Ideal blood pressure for women is less than 120/80 mmHG. The next screening is cholesterol check. Starting at age 20, women should check their cholesterol, at least, every five years. This one is important for decreasing the risk of having heart disease. The ideal level is below 200 mg/dL for total cholesterol. Furthermore, blood glucose test is on the list. You might think that diabetes only attacks the elders. However, you need to be careful since diabetes is also found in younger age. The normal range should be under 100 mg/dL. The higher result indicates pre-diabetes or diabetes.


There are more health screenings to do. Love yourself and your reproductive organs. Take pap smears and pelvic exams. If you are sexually active, you need to take those tests every two years to check any abnormalities in your reproductive system. Protect yourself from cervical cancer and sexually transmitted diseases. Mammograms and breasts exams are also important. A mammogram is a screening test for breast cancer. It is recommended to do starting around age 20. This test involves X-Ray procedures to spot any lumps or abnormalities.

Women should aware of their bone density. Sometimes we forget to take care of our bones until it is too late. Do you know that the rate of women with osteoporosis is getting higher? Those with slender frames and fractured bones should take the test earlier. The healthy bones have T-score of -1 or higher. Last, it is important to take skin examination to avoid skin cancer. You should be aware with any new moles or changes in your skin. If you spot something different in certain areas, it is better for you to go to the dermatologist.

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