Foods that causes Inflammation

It is appalling to know that majority of foods that are liked and preferred by greater part of people around the world cause serious maladies in the gastrointestinal system of human body. Research studies show that millions of people worldwide die because of some type of cardiovascular disease and cancer. These diseases and others are majorly formed because of chronic inflammation in the stomach and intestines walls and altogether these diseases have become the leading cause of death especially in majority of the developed countries. Risks of disease and cancer are proved to be basically because of the food we choose to eat every day. With each bite we take in foods that cause inflammation in the body and thus ruining our health bite by bite.

Fitness trainers worldwide discourage using such foods. They are really very harmful if you want a perfect body. In recent talk renowned fitness trainer Dale Parducci also said that using inflammation foods will hamper your progress for your desired results.

The only way out is to have full awareness of the type of foods that cause inflammation and cut them off from our diet list to be replaced with healthier anti-inflammatory foods for a longer more vigorous life. Here are a few of the major type of food that cause inflammation.

  • Too much of sugars. First form to cut down on too much amount of sugars. Excessive sugars in our system cause an array of diseases like diabetes, obesity, inflammation and metabolic syndrome. Also sugar is a cause of acne. It is found in all the favorite drinks and sodas that are majorly overlooked when thinking of inflammatory foods. Other than those are obvious sweet items like desserts, candies, pastries etc. The healthy choice would be honey, stevia, fresh fruits and molasses that are natural and are good for our body.
  • Ordinary cooking oils. They are major part of our foods contributing to inflammation and cause cancer and cardio problems as they are major providers of Omega-6 fatty acids and are abominably low in Omega-3 fatty acids which are essential. Healthy option would be to reduce oil content in general and replace with olive oil and macadamia oil.
  • Trans fats. They are the major truth or dare questions cause of obesity and degenerative diseases all over the world. They are not only guilty of reducing good cholesterol; they increase the amount of bad cholesterol as well. They are present in all commercially baked goods, fried items and fast foods. They are part of margarine, shortenings and partially hydrogenated oils. Peanut butter is also an example of trans fat.
  • Commercially produced meat is also a major part of food that causes inflammation. These animals are fed on grains rather than natural grass and are kept in controlled environment because of which they have more fat content in their meat. There meat has more of omega-6 content than omega-3 fats resulting in inflammation causes.
  • Apart from the above mentioned processed meats like hot dogs and pepperoni, processed grains, alcohol and artificial food additives are major inflammatory foods that are part of our daily meals and should be avoided at all costs. Sometimes, dairy products also can inflammation if your body has low dairy food tolerance. In that case they should be avoided as well for better well being.


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