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Free-standing or Hanging Punching bag? What is better?

Which one do you really need?

If you have spent at least a few days in a gym practicing any martial art, perhaps you have tried a punching bag at least once.

Punching bags can be filled with different materials, like sand, water, mattress foam, rice, cotton, or a combination of some of the above. Two major categories of heavy bags include hanging bags and freestanding heavy bags.

The traditional hanging bags are actively used in training fighters for many centuries around the world. The more recent invention is a free standing punching bag, which today has rapidly increasing popularity amongst athletes of all disciplines of martial arts.

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So what is a free standing punching bag and how exactly does it differ from a hanging bag?

Both types of heavy bags are made from the similar material and basically, they have the same purpose: to train an athlete in different punches and maneuvers. Yet there is still a big difference.

Frankly speaking, they both have their ups and downs that is why one has to be careful while choosing one for themselves.

Let us have a brief look at the differences

  1. The most noticeable difference between a free standing punching bag and a hanging punching bag is that you can place a free-standing bag easily anywhere while installing a hanging bag requires much effort.

It makes a freestanding bag the best choice if you are going to use it at home. You can put it even in your kitchen.

  1. Freestanding bags are very easy to move, or transport. Try to imagine removing the hanging bag from your ceiling and transporting it to another location. Does it sound appealing to you? I don’t think so…

One more thing you are going to love about free standing punching bags is that it needs a minimum space. Hanging bag swings wildly when hit and also some space is needed for an athlete to move freely around a bag.

So, if you are interested in saving space free standing punching bag is for you.

  1. Once you have purchased a free-standing bag and placed it in a convenient location, it is time to start exercising.

What you will notice first about the freestanding bag is that unlike hanging heavy bag it does not move. It is an essential difference because movement means much in martial arts. Hanging punching bags imitates a real opponent better than a freestanding bag. It can be considered as one of the minor negative aspects of a free standing bag.

But its immobility gives you an advantage too: practicing some of your punching techniques will become more effective. It is easier to hit a fixed bag than a moving one.


As a conclusion, we can sum it up and say that both types of bags can be beneficial in their own ways. Which one is better depends on you and your preferences? If you need a heavy bag for using easily at home, if you want to save space, or cannot visit a gym on a regular basis, a free standing punching bag can be an excellent choice.

If you like to get the traditional experience and also want to get a little bit more realistic feeling, go with the hanging heavy bag. However, make sure you have all the needed hardware to hang it from the ceiling.

If you have been interested in purchasing a free standing punching bag or decided to get one just after reading this article, you may need to make a little research before you decide on buying one. Make sure to have a look at free standing punching bag reviews and top products for 2018 for making a right decision.

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