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GM DIET for 7 Days

Many of you must be suffering from weight issues. Weight is one problem you can never get rid of.
Almost everybody goes through this problem. Haven’t you ever thought to yourself that you’d look better if your were quiet more skinny?
Weight loss demands a lot of work out and sacrifice and we a tad too lazy to work out. So is there any way to lose weight without really working hard?
Yes. The revolution brought to the weight loss program is the GM Diet plan.

What is GM DIET plan?
A GM diet plan is a seven day diet plan to shed off the extra kilos. It stands for General Motors since it was invented for the employees of the ‘General Motors Corporation’.

Usually a lot of Indians are not vegetarian so this is a modified version of the original diet chart. If you wish to shed those extra kilos then let’s get along this diet chart

Before getting started keep these things in your mind:
. You have to lose weight.
. Stay motivated.
. It’s just a matter of seven days so stay honest to yourself.
. It isn’t going to be that easy so you need to work your bit.

The diet plan is as follows:


The first day should be fruitful to motivate you for the coming week. So you should consume only fruits on the first day. Any fruit you like should be consumed but bananas should be avoided on the first day. Also mango, litchi and grapes would be better if avoided. Fruits with a high water content like watermelon, citrus fruits, strawberries, pomegranates, apples, lime etc are to be consumed.

As it is the first day it would simply make you crave. But self control is the key. You don’t need to starve yourself and eat as many times as you like but make sure you consume only fruits. Fruits do not imply to fruit juices so please avoid packed fruit juices since they are high in sugar. You can either have coconut water, watermelon juice, or orange juice if you feel bored munching fruits all the time.
Day 1 makes sure that you detoxify well. This is the most important part through your weight loss program. If you intake only melons throughout the day you can lose up to 3 pounds the very first day.


On the second day you have to consume only vegetables. You can consume either raw or boiled vegetables. To start with, you can consume one potato with a spoon of butter on it. One potato would be enough to provide you energy. Make sure you do not consume more than that. You can eat salads of your choice if you are a salad lover.You can eat as many vegetables you want throughout the day. Cucumbers, cabbages are highly recommended.

It is a no calorie day and a lot of fibre intake is included on this day. Making this day a success will show that you are really dedicated towards your plan.


On the third day, you can consume both fruits and vegetables. Make sure you do not eat potato or bananas on the third day. You can get the required amount of carbs through fruits. Try consuming broccoli, tomatoes, lettuce, etc.
You’d be really bored by consuming the same fruits and veggies since the past three days. But don’t dump this plan, stay dedicated because the best is yet to come.


On the fourth day, you can eat at least 6 bananas and up to 4 glasses of milk. If you love smoothies, go for a banana smoothie. Because eating bananas would be boring. If you wish to opt for a soup for dinner, you can. The soup should have garlic, tomatoes, onions and capsicum.

Just keep motivating yourself to be motivated because you are about to reach the summit .You were always told bananas increase weight. But in our diet plan it plays a role in maintaining potassium and sodium levels.


Consume up to 6 tomatoes on the 5th day. The original GM Diet mentions the intake of beef for protein. In order to compensate for the same, you can consume 150ml curd, 20gms soya chunks and 250 gms cottage cheese.


You can consume paneer, sprouts and vegetables on this day. Make sure you avoid tomatoes. A good vegetable soup and water will help you through the day.
By this day, you are going to notice some changes in your body. Good going. If you make way through this day you are on your stone to success.


Finally, this is the last day. If you get through this day, then you definitely have lost a good kilos and own a better body than before.

You can consume brown rice, half chapati and your favorite vegetables. You can consume as many fruit juices you want but do not add sugars to it. You can make low calorie palak paneer as well. Now that’s a treat.

This completes your 7 day plan and you can feel the changes. This feels really good.

1.Water would be your best friend throughout the week. Try consuming more and more water.
2. Do workout during these 7 days. At least a mild workout is a must. Try avoiding very intensive workouts.
3. Start all the seven days with consuming a glass of warm water with 2tbsp honey and 3tbsp lemon. This will ensure detoxification.
4.Drink water half an hour after you consume food. Immediate intake of water may lead to bloating.
5. Avoid drinking tea,coffee or alcohol. Instead lime water without sugar and coconut water will be fine.
6. If you are doing this for any occasion, try this before 2 months and in 3 days gap.
7. Don’t jump onto a lot of carbs and fat once you complete this diet. You may again gain weight.
8. Drink as many soups as you like. You can substitute other veggies if you don’t like any.
9. Make sure you are healthy before starting with this diet.

The following is a GM Chart for effectively losing weight:
Breakfast 8:30am – 2 apples + 2 glass of water.
Morning snack 10:30 -1 bowl papaya + 2 glass water
Lunch 12:30pm – 2 big slices of watermelon + 2 glass water
Mid noon snack 4:30 -1 bowl papaya+ orange juice.
Evening snack 6:30 -Coconut water.
Dinner 9:30 -1 bowl of watermelon

Breakfast 8:30am -1 boiled potato.
Morning snack 10:30 -1 bowl red lettuce or cabbage.
Lunch 12:30pm – A salad of cucumber,tomatoes and beet.
Mid noon snack 4:30 – 2 bowl tomatoes + 1 cup cherries.
Dinner 9:30 – Boiled cauliflower + asparagus + broccoli.

Breakfast 8:30am -1 apple+ 1 watermelon.
Morning snack 10:30 -2 bowl papaya.
Lunch 12:30pm – a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce.
Mid noon snack 4:30 -1 bowl of pineapples.
Evening snack 6:30 -1 pear or guava.
Dinner 9:30 – Boiled broccoli, cabbage and raw papaya.

Breakfast 8:30am -2 bananas+ 1 glass of milk.
Morning snack 10:30 – Banana smoothie +1 banana + 1 glass milk
Lunch 12:30pm – 1 vegetable soup+ 1 banana +1 glass of milk
Mid noon snack 4:30 – 1 glass of milk.
Evening snack 6:30 – 1 vegetable soup.
Dinner 9:30 – 1 banana.

Breakfast 8:30am -2 tomatoes + 1 cup kidney beans
Morning snack 10:30 – 1 cup curd.
Lunch 12:30pm – 1 cup brown rice + tomato
Mid noon snack 4:30 – A salad of sprouts.
Dinner 9:30 – A vegetable soup with cucumber and tomatoes.

Breakfast 8:30am -1 cup mixed veggies.
Morning snack 10:30 -1/2 bowl kidney beans with tomato.
Lunch 12:30pm -1 cup brown rice + vegetable soup.
Mid noon snack 4:30 -1 apple
Evening snack 6:30 – sprouted lentils.
Dinner 9:30 – mixed vegetables.

Breakfast 8:30am – 1 bowl oats or brown rice.
Morning snack 10:30 -2 cup raisins.
Lunch 12:30pm -1 bowl palak paneer+ half chapati.
Mid noon snack 4:30 -1 cup sprouts.
Evening snack 6:30 -any fruit of your choice.
Dinner 9:30 – 1 cup vegetable soup.

This marks the end of the GM diet plan

1. This plan ensures losing at least 5 to 8 kgs in a week.
2. Also one of the most important advantages is that it leads to a glowing skin.
3. Makes you feel more energetic.
4. Your digestive system gets a pause which is a very important factor.
5. It amplifies metabolism.
6. It cuts down the extra belly fat.
7. Last but not the least, it works in just 7 days.

1. Protein deprivation may lead to muscle pains.
2. There are chances of fatigue due to lack of carbs.
3. Another common problem is headache.
4. Weight may be regained if it is not maintained well.

So this is the mantra to lose weight effectively faster. So get into it to discover the best of you.


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