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Healthy Remedy: Top 10 therapeutic flowers & their uses

For centuries, medicinal and healing properties of certain flowers have long been acknowledged by medical doctors. The knowledge spread across the world with many amendments been made especially in herbal medicines. One of the biggest advantages of flowers and plants as medicine is their lasting effect without any dire consequences that come with various drugs. Budget is another factor as herbal medicines and treatment is far cheaper than the usual pharmaceutical.

A herbal herbal health store is where you can get dried flowers and their essential oils but, be cautios when preparing tonics as some flowers are more potent. Expecting and nursing mothers in particular should be extra careful before using any medicine; physician consultation is a must to prevent miscarriage or any other fatal incident. Have a look at some of the most effective therapeutic flowers and their uses.

  1. Angelica herb

The green bits of sugar angelica to decorate cakes come from the same plant as of Angelica flower. Much like the plant, flower itself carries a heavy fragrance and offer excellent remedy against digestive disorders, common cold and cough. For children and aged, it’s a vital immunity boosting agent and strengthen the bones.

  1. Bellis Perennis

We know it as a “common daisy”, the flower has abundant remedial properties, unlike its bizarre appearance. Its laxative and anti-toxicant features prevent internal body function, keeping it smooth. Diseases like arthritis and rheumatism can be treated with the flower if used as a home remedy. Direct application over the skin; either as an ointment or poultice heal cuts and wounds.

  1. Begonia

There’re many amazing uses of Begonia in the line of medicine! Soak flower(s) in hot water and use as an infusion; it’s best for curing headache and purify the body of toxins. Crush the petals and leaves, rub directly over cuts and burns to soothe pain.

  1. Black cohosh

Being an extremely strong flower, women should be extra careful using the Black Cohosh while it’s best as an emmenagogue. New and would-be mothers must be careful however the flower is effective for various health issues in women.

  1. The black root

Don’t let the small size blind you! The small black root flower; if used in small quantity is excellent to treat respiratory problems. Work a paste combining other medicines and herbs to treat warts, rashes and other dermatology issues. When taken as a tea or tonic, the flower can lower fever(not high-grade) and cleanses blood.

  1. Blue lobelia

Used commonly by the native Indians, blue lobelia treats syphilis and less harmful diseases. Tea prepared from the flower helps reduce fever, cough, cold and other digestive issues.

  1. Butterfly weed

Native Indians use butterfly weed in their cuisine that’s effective in treating various respiratory diseases. If ingested in large proportion, it’s best for internal cleansing and pain relief. Direct application over the skin heal wounds and reduce swelling.

  1. California poppy

California poppies aren’t addictive as there isn’t any opium in the plant. It helps reduce anxiety, insomnia, bladder issues in children and adults. When used along with other natural sources, the flower offers best treatment against fatigue and depression.

  1. Cornflower

These have a distictive sky-blue colour that gives immediate emotional relief just by looking upon. Cornflower tea is an excellent laxative and a mouth cleanser whereas consuming flowers in their raw state is also safe. Work up a paste out of the flowers which is much effective to acne, tired and irritating eyes.

10. Jasmine

Jasmine tea is well-known to treat stomach ulcers and other digestive issues. Take a small portion before bedtime to ward off anxiety and insomina!


While the list of therapeutic flowers goes on, the above are a few most common in herbal treatment!



Jenessa Baxter is a Nutritionist & Digital Marketer for FlowersNext in Dubai. She writes about natural remedies, how to lose fat etc

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