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High Rated Arms Exercises for Rock Solid Biceps

When most people want to flex their bodies, they start with their biceps, and who can blame them? We all love bulky, rock-solid biceps peaking from the T-shirt. When it comes to suggesting something that can help you with biceps, you will end up finding a lot of things. However, there is no perfect recipe for bulky biceps to complement your body. Most people want to have a good pair of biceps to show off, but we all want someone who can open jars for us and help us while we shop. This is another easy excuse why most guys end up opting for the upper body exercises and especially the shoulder and bicep exercises. For better results, your exercises need something that can speed up the process, so you must not look for just an exercise plan; instead, look for some small yet significant lifestyle changes. Try to pick up things and walk as much as you can, which means we are talking about helping everyone around you. If you go out for grocery shopping, you better ditch that trolley and start lifting things. Apart from this, start with some diet plans that can work as a catalyst for the daily muscle built up.

If you are looking for the perfect muscle built-up recipe, you might want to reconsider this. The main issue is the fact; everybody doesn’t respond to the exercises in the same way. Somebody types are different than others, and they react to the exercises in a completely different manner. Apart from this, we are also looking for supplements that can help you speed up the muscle-building process. The aim of the overall exercise plan is not only to burn up all the fats but also to develop muscles just the way you want. To make it easier, here are four different exercises that can guarantee you a better muscular build up in your bicep area.

Chin Ups

One of the best exercises that you need to try for rock-solid biceps is chin-ups. You need to hand yourself up on a monkey bar or any support and then try to push yourself up to that bar. In most cases, you will be successful; however, if you are just a beginner, the chances are that you might take a few days to reach your goal. To help you with this, it is better to start by starching and other warm-up exercises. Chin-ups will give you stiff, bulky, and muscular biceps, and you will be supersized by how much your back muscles will develop along with it.

Ring Dip

Ring dip is an intense exercise, so if you feel you might not be able to do it, it is just formal for beginners. However, with constant practice, you will see how much you can do. This way, you can also measure your muscular development as well as general stamina. Most gymnasts do these exercises, and this requires a lot of energy exertion. In case you are hoping for an easy exercise, this might not be your choice. With ring dip, you will find two rings hanging through a rope or broad ribbon, and you need to hold them with the full grip of your hand. Now make sure you try to stand by, supporting yourself with the rings. Don’t dip yet; we need to stay there for a few seconds before the dip and then finally pull ourselves back up to the original position.

Grocery Bag Curls

Who doesn’t want some inner curls for muscular development, but what if you can ditch the actual weight? Start by lifting up the grocery bag and use it as a weight; you will be surprised how much work out a simple bag of groceries can give you. You are not only helping others while lifting up the grocery, but you are also working up the biceps; it is a complete win-win situation. In case you are a little shy and don’t want to practice in public, you can always use the actual dumbbells for the curls. You need to stand still with your feet apart at your shoulder length and then gently bring up the dumbbell as you lift them. You can obviously use the alternative method as well, where you start by lifting one dumbbell at a time and then repeat the same with a second. However, there are a lot of variations, and you can choose according to your requirements.


You might have seen people randomly competing over push-ups and loving the idea of strength and achievement that they attach to the push-ups. If you don’t want to be so essential, there are so many other forms of push-ups that you might enjoy; start with the basic push-ups and then move to the grip ring push-ups. It all ends on how much you want to exert your time on it. Some people like to do basic two-hand push-ups, others pick one-hand push-ups, or if they’re going to work out the triceps, they even move to the bench press. It is all dependent on how much effort you want to put. The best thing about all these exercises is that you don’t need any extra effort, any equipment, or an instructor. You can start right now at your home, all you need is a simple bodybuilding suit, and you are ready to start.

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