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How Big is the Home Gym Industry?

If you’re looking for a more convenient and comfortable way to do your gym workouts in the privacy of your own home, then a home gym is probably what you need. However, before getting started on creating your own home gym, here are some facts and figures about the industry.

What is a Home Gym?

To put it simply, a home gym is a small gym set up in your house. It may not necessarily be equipped with the same items that you find in a commercial gym. However, due to the limited space, the only things in a home gym are those which you use and need the most. A home gym can usually be set up in a spare room of your home, or you are able to repurpose your garage or basement for it. Due to its convenience, more people are now starting to set up their own home gyms.

How Big is the Home Gym Industry?


Home Gyms over the Years

Back in 2012, the home gym industry already included around 25.4 million people in the United States alone. Those statistics included home gym users aged six and above. A year later, it amounted to around 25.51 million. However, the 2013 statistics were slightly lower than what they had been seven years earlier, with 26.69 million home gym users. By mid-2016 to 2017, the interest in home gyms increased, as people continued to become more aware of and interested in being fit.

Because of the recent changes in the way people look at fitness, it has driven many people to become more dedicated to creating fitness programs for themselves. There is certainly no shortage in the availability of home gym equipment, as is evidenced by the increase in interest over the past few years. Manufacturers are working to create efficient and technologically-advanced home gym equipment that doesn’t come at extreme costs.

A Matter of Convenience

If you’re wondering why more people have turned to set up their own home gyms over time, it’s primarily because of convenience. Studies have found that around 80% of people who sign up for commercial gym memberships end up dropping out within the first eight weeks. Reasons for dropping out often involve the lack of a fitness plan as well as the loss of motivation that comes from actually having to go to the gym. Because these commercial gyms are often far away from people’s homes, it becomes another chore to have to go there.

On the other hand, owning home gyms lessens the number of effort people has to exert, which allows for more time to spend on getting fit. However, if the lack of a clear fitness plan is such a problem, then how do people get fit in their home gyms? There has been a significant development in technology over the past years and fitness is one of the areas of life that has been greatly affected.

Not only did the age of information through the internet make people more aware of why they should be getting fit, technology has also enabled them to do it from home. Around 45% of people who have home gyms make use of DVDs or pre-recorded workouts to follow when they exercise at home. People also make use of fitness programs available on the internet as well as those on apps in their smart devices.

While most people will assume the major appeal of home gyms is that it’s cost saving, it has also been shown that home gym owners have no problem spending money on equipment and materials that aid them in their workouts.

At the end of the day, it’s still convenience that matters the most to home gym owners.

A Growing Industry

Based on the continuous development of apps, equipment and other fitness materials catered to people working out from the comfort of their own home gyms, it’s easy to see that the home gym industry is growing even to this day. As more people are now interested in getting fit, it’s also very likely that more and more of them start to join the home gym industry. This is probably due to the trends in fitness and gym memberships over the years.


If you decide to set up your own home gym and utilize the ideas on Garage Gym Builder, it’s good to know that you are in good (and numerous) company. Many people looking after their fitness are now turning to the use of home gyms for a more convenient means of getting fit.

Basement or garage gyms are often the best choices for interested home gym owners. However, remember that you are able to start small with a gym set up in a corner of your home to see how well a home gym fits with your lifestyle.

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