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How Can You Stay Young with Yoga?

Tick, tick, tick – can you hear that aging clock?

There is no known way of stopping that clock entirely, not yet anyway, but there are many ways to slow it down and at least reflect a more youthful appearance in the mirror.

Did you know that yoga can help you stay younger for longer?

Studies have shown, time and time again, that those who practice yoga regularly over a long period of time are more youthful on the inside and outside, with longer telomeres – part of DNA which promotes youthfulness. Surely that’s a good enough reason to grab your mat!

Let’s look at some of the youth-promoting benefits of yoga.

  • Yoga promotes flexibility – As we get older, our joints can become weaker, and our bone density can decrease, which can make it harder to move around, affecting our quality of life. Yoga has the benefit of strengthening bones, joints, and the connective tissues in and around the joints, which means regular use can help you stay much more mobile, for much longer.
  • Yoga reduces stress and anxiety – If you are stressed out and worried all the time, it is going to show on your face, meaning you look older. You will probably also feel much wearier, and it’s not really having the best effect on your general health and wellbeing. Yoga reduces stress and anxietyby allowing peace and quiet, focusing on breath, and basically shutting out cares and worries. You will find that once you are distracted from such thoughts, it’s easier to shut them out entirely, and that has a fantastic effect on your stress levels overall.
  • Yoga encourages mindfulness – The overall positive feeling you will get from yoga is enough to induce a youthful appearance on the outside, but feeling grateful and happy in yourself is also promoting health and wellbeing on the inside. Yoga teaches mindfulness, and if you are at peace with yourself, you are grateful for what you have, and you feel good on the inside, then you are calm, and calmness lowers blood pressure.It keeps you from feeling stressed and anxious, and overall you are going to be more upbeat and confident – what could be more youthful than that?
  • Yoga helps you sleep much better–Lower anxiety levels, less stress, exercise, and appreciating the significance of silence and rest allows for a much better quality of sleep. If you aren’t getting enough shut-eye, then you are going to look haggard and older, but your body is also struggling to keep up with everything you demand of it. However, if you get enough sleep, you look more rested, glowing, and youthful, and your body is going to be able to run much more effectively as a result. Your mood will also thank you for getting enough sleep every night, as reduced sleep and sleep deprivation are connected with a higher chance of depression.
  • Yoga fights against high blood pressure and the chance of developing diabetes – As we get older, we have more chance of developing high blood pressure and diabetes, especially if we are obese or simply overweight. Yoga helps manage weight, but it also lowers blood pressure to healthy levels, and in certain cases, can help reduce the risk of developing diabetes. We know that these two conditions are dangerous and can even result in stroke or heart issues, so the fact that yoga is part of your armor against them helps your body stay younger and healthier.
  • Yoga is exercise, and exercise is vital in the battle against aging – If you don’t exercise and you eat an unhealthy diet, then your overall health is going to suffer, leading you down the road of complications and potentially serious When you are not healthy on the inside, as we have said time and time again, it shows on the outside, and if you are developing serious health complications, then your life expectancy is basically reduced. Now, if you exercise regularly and combine it with a healthy diet, you are battling against health issues, and your body is running like clockwork as a result. Yoga is fantastic in many ways, but the fact that it is accessible to all means that no matter what your state of mobility or flexibility, you can find a type to suit your needs.
  • Yoga gives you a youthful glow – If you are healthy, then your skin is going to look clearer, glowing, and you’re looking a lot younger than you are in reality. Yoga beats Botox every day! Yoga is the natural and more cost effective alternative (and the safer alternative) to going under the surgeon’s knife!

As you can see, yoga has fantastic benefits to overall health and wellbeing, and the bottom line is that if you are healthy in terms of your body and mind, then you are going to look younger as a result. Increased flexibility means you are going to be mobile for much longer too, and that means that while your friends may be struggling to get from A to B on foot, or they find it difficult to bend down and get back up again, you probably won’t have the same degree of difficulty.

Yoga isn’t difficult to practice, and even if you just want to dip your toe in and start off with a simple form, this isn’t an issue. There are countless different types of yoga, and that means there is something for everyone. If you want to practice meditation with your yoga, you can find a type for you.If you want to focus on flexibility and releasing pent-up tension in your joints, you’re covered.If you want to get a real workout at the same time as practicing the discipline, there are many different options available to you.

As you can see, it’s all about finding the right type of yoga for you, but whichever you go for, you can look forward to a much quieter ticking, practically banishing that aging clock!


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