How to Improve Your Sleep and Feel Energized

A number of reasons are keeping people all around the globe to get the much needed quality sleep. Some do not have enough to get their necessary 8-hour dose, others have troubles falling asleep in the first place and some suffer from frequently interrupted sleep which leaves them exhausted. Regardless of the reason behind this, there are ways to improve your sleep quality and habits, without using any drugs or tricks. For those of you struggling with poor sleep, here are some solutions that can help.

Aromatherapy + Hot Bath

Before you get to bed, treat yourself with a nice hot bath, spiced up with a few drops of essential oils (lavender could be the best for relaxing). That will give you the perfect relaxation combo, because hot water induces sleep faster and aromatherapy relieves stress, headaches and insomnia.

Massage and Self-massage

Massage is guiding you into a state of deep relaxation, so it can have the similar effect like sleep. Also, it will help you have a more stable sleep pattern without waking up in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, you cannot always have a professional massage or someone to do it for you, but a self-applied massage (ears, fingers, feet, hands) can be just as effective.

 Whole Day of Healthy Habits = Whole Night Sleep

Caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes can cause interruptions in sleep patterns, struggles to even fall asleep, and developing sleep


Tell Me What You Eat, I Tell You How You Sleep

Never eat right before you go to bed, your last meal for the day, should not be after 8pm, and it should consist of light foods, that do not put pressure on your digestive system. Some of the foods that can improve sleep are healthy fats (coconut oil, organic meat, etc.), high-antioxidants (vegetables, fruits…), and protein (fish, poultry, tofu…).

A Chance to Relax


By occasionally visiting relaxation and detox retreats you will give your body and mind the chance to rejuvenate.  What is more, these retreats can help you learn relaxation techniques and work on a healthy diet plan. Time spent in nature, exercises, proper diet and stress relieving together, will improve your metabolism and help you attain mind-body balance, that will, in turn, help you sleep better.

Get Tired to Get Energy

You know how kids sleep better when they are all out of energy? It is the same for adults, but we mean the “good tiredness” produced by healthy physical activity. To fall asleep faster and have more quality sleep, go outside and exercise, play with your dog, cycle with your friends, or simply dance the stress away.

De-stress and Find Inner Peace

The three best stress relievers out there are deep breathing, meditation and yoga. Use them to induce sleep faster and sleep calmer. Before you go to bed you should practice yoga, meditation and stretching at least for 15 minutes. There is a 5-step deep breathing exercise you can do: 1. Exhale; 2. inhale and count to four; 3. hold your breath and count to seven; 4. exhale while counting to eight; 5. inhale and repeat.


Sleep Right to Sleep Tight

If you had your 8 hours of sleep and still feel tired and sore, than you are not sleeping in the right position. You should pay attention to the position of your body in bed. It should be completely natural without any emptiness between it and the bed. The pillow must support the neck and you should put a cover or a pillow between your knees to avoid any unnatural pose, when your body is not following the straight line.

A Sleep-Friendly Environment

First make sure that your mattress is comfortable and that it supports your spine. Your bedroom should be relaxing without digital interruptions (TV, computer). Use a lamp with a mild light and read a good relaxing book before you go to bed, it will help your mind wander to a peaceful place so that you can fall asleep faster.

Have a good night sleep, and wake up ready to seize the day!

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