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How To Make Deca injection Properly

Before you buy steroids, it is important to familiarize yourself with the nuances of using AAS by people. It must be understood that without certain knowledge and skills, achieving the desired results without errors and failures will be a rather difficult task.

In this article, we will write detailed instructions and tell you how to take injectable steroids.

Before starting a course of steroids, you should stock up on a few things.

First needle. Almost all injectable anabolic steroids come in two different spills. The first spill is a 10 milliliter glass bottle, most often with a rubber seal. The second spill is usually 1-2 ml glass ampoules.

In the case of the bottle, you will need two types of needles, one thick and long, with a diameter of 1 mm – this needle will quickly remove the substance from the bottle, while taking into account the bluntness of the needle when piercing the rubber cap. The second needle is thinner and more comfortable with a diameter of 0.6 to 0.8 mm, this needle is very suitable for injection, it does not create discomfort and quickly enters muscle tissue.

Secondly, an antiseptic. In this case, ordinary alcohol or all that contains it, as well as cotton swabs, will suit you and you can buy Deca 300 in UK.

How to make injections

There are three ways to administer liquid substances – subcutaneous, intravenous and intramuscular administration. Sports anabolics are administered only intramuscularly! In well-developed muscles that are least innervated, that is, do not have a large number of nerves and a vessel. The best choice for an injection is the rectus femoris. All experienced athletes taking steroids recommend this particular muscle. In this case, a needle with a diameter of 0.7 mm is best suited. The needle should be inserted at an angle of 45-65 degrees. During an injection, it is best to sit on the ground with your legs stretched out in front of you. Before each injection, the muscles into which the injection is to be made must be relaxed.

Another great place is the buttocks. The process of injecting into the buttocks is a little more complicated than in the thigh, because you cannot control everything that you do to the fullest. In this case, needles with a diameter of 0.8 mm are best suited. To find the right place, any of the buttocks is imaginably divided into four equal parts (squares), an injection is made in the upper outer part.

It should be the back to the mirror, the leg into the buttock of which an injection will be made should stand on the toe, and the body weight should move to the opposite leg, so that the buttock is completely relaxed, and only then, with a light but sharp movement, as if throwing a dart, do an injection. The biggest advantage of injecting into your buttocks is that you can inject more fluid than into your thigh. Up to three milliliters. To avoid abscesses, you should stab each time in different buttocks.

Also, more experienced athletes prefer to inject steroids into the deltoid muscles (shoulders), but this tactic is not suitable for beginners due to the impractical use.

Step-by-step injection procedure in the case of a 10 ml bottle

Before loading the substance with a syringe, you need to disinfect the rubber cover with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol. Do this very carefully.

Put on the first thicker needle, pierce the rubber hat with it and pick up the right amount of solution.

Remove the needle from the vial and put on the cap. Change a thick needle to a thin injection one.

In the case of an oil solution, it is necessary to slightly warm up the liquid in a syringe or ampoule, for better farther distribution in the muscle.

Wipe the place where the injection will be made with an alcohol swab.

Holding in your hands, turn the syringe with the needle to the top and remove the cap. Gently press the piston. Try to make sure that there are no air bubbles inside the syringe. Drop a few drops from the needle, this will help get rid of excess air and lubricate the needle cavity.

Insert the entire needle into the injection site. When the needle is fully inserted, gently pull the syringe plunger. You should see bubbles in the syringe, which means that you are in the muscle. If you see blood, remove the needle and prick it in another place. Never give an injection to a vein; it may end badly!

If you are sure that the needle is in the muscles, you can start injecting. Steroids on an aqueous suspension are injected a little faster than oil. But be careful, do not inject too quickly, so that a cyst does not form. On average, 1 ml of suspension is injected for about 15 seconds.

Having squeezed out all the substance into the muscles, you can carefully remove the needle. At the injection site, put a cotton swab soaked in alcohol. It may show a little blood on it, but that’s fine. After injecting the oil solution, rubbing is recommended for several minutes, this allows the solution to be distributed inside the muscle to accelerate absorption into the blood.

Remember! Always use new needles and syringes. Do not share them with colleagues !!!

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