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Is Rumble Roller the Ultimate Massage Experience?

The Rumble Roller re-invents the foam rolling massage.

It is only natural to feel muscle soreness and tension once you are finished with a hard, demanding training session. Going hard is often the key to great results, but recovery can be equally as important.

Rest and relaxation are the time when muscles grow and rebuild. But what is the best way to rest when you are sore and in pain? Deep tissue massage is the answer!

The Rumble Roller is offering unique foam rollers that are designed specifically to penetrate deep into the muscles and provide you with that ultimate massage. Massage balls and foam rollers are an easy way to effectively massage yourself wherever you are. This process is known as myofascial release and is a great way to break up those pesky muscle knots.

Rumble Roller took these concepts to a whole new level, perfecting the experience of self-massage.

What is a Rumble Roller?

A Rumble Roller is designed in such a way that it quickly and efficiently breaks up tight muscles and knots. As a result, you will quickly feel relief from soreness and tight, tense muscles. The secret of this design lies in its surface!

There are various foam rollers out there – some flat, some bumpy. But the Rumble Roller is one-of-a-kind.

The deep ridges and pointy “spikes” of this design are ideal for providing the deepest tissue massage possible. Thanks to this ridged surface, the roller can penetrate the fascia layer that envelops your muscles.

The fascia constricts after hard workouts, which in turn causes soreness. The roller massage breaks up the knots, penetrating into the muscle. As a result, blood flow returns to normal, enhancing recovery and muscle growth. The Rumble Roller has the deepest grooves out there, which guarantees the very best deep massage.

What to Look For?

While originally starting out as a classic foam roller, this brand has since introduced a number of varieties and different products. And it is thanks to this variety that users can choose a roller that perfectly adapts to their needs.

Bodybuilders and casual fitness enthusiasts might require some totally different rollers to suit their needs. Before you make your choice there are several key features you need to consider.


Of course, size can be the most important feature.

  • The Rumble Roller comes in a classic, original 12” compact size which can be great when you want to target specific muscles of your body.
  • The extra-long full-sized roller is 31” long and that makes it ideal for full-body massages or for bodybuilders.
  • And, there is also the mid-sized 22” roller that is the perfect mid-range solution.


Firmness is an often overlooked feature of foam rollers. Rumble Roller offers two superb firmness levels, allowing you to adapt to your personal needs.

The classic firmness has good all-around pressure. It is somewhat like a regular thumb pressure and great for the standard tissue massage.

The extra firm option, however, is 36% firmer! This caters to seasoned foam roller veterans and people with large muscles. As a result, that extra bit of pressure is great for breaking up the persistent pesky knots.

The Best Rumble Roller Products

The Beastie Ball

The Beastie Ball
The Beastie Ball

Here is the ultimate weapon against muscle knots. The Beastie Ball acts as a potent little massage ball that aggressively penetrates the muscle, and offers instant relief. Thanks to its portability and small size, it is great for reaching those tricky spots and back muscles.

It comes with its own base for some extra stability but is also great when used on its own. Its extra firm, high-profile spikes are the key feature. This is a shortcut to relaxed and pain-free muscles.

The Beastie Bar

The Beastie Bar
The Beastie Bar

Is it possible to make the Beastie Balls even more efficient? Yes, it is. The Beastie Bar offers you more versatility and better command over the massage intensity.

It consists of a highly durable fiberglass shaft with handles. In its center are two independently rotating beastie balls, allowing you to quickly break up muscle knots, relieve tension, and enjoy some deep tissue massage.

With a versatile and portable design, it is easy to carry in your gym bag for some quick after-workout massaging.

The Original 12” Compact

Rumble Roller’s iconic, original design pushed the limits of foam massagers. Thanks to the patented, high-profile grooves, you can experience the most effective massage therapy.

The compact version is just 12” long, which makes it great for targeting specific muscles and having more versatility in your movements. As a result, this size makes it ideal for shoulders, arms, glutes, and obliques!

The 22” Mid-size Roller

The mid-size roller is a great way to target larger muscles and parts of your body.

Plus-size users and bodybuilders are often finding small foam rollers ineffective. The extra length in this Rumble Roller is perfect for covering your entire back, the glutes, or your chest.

Also, it provides more stability and is super simple to use thanks to the size. Of course, the usual high-profile bumps are present here as well, guaranteeing that top-notch deep tissue massage.

The Gator

The Gator appeared as a truly unique design in the world of foam rollers. The first thing to notice is its one-of-a-kind surface. It is covered with hundreds of small irregular bumps that have flat tops but prominent edges. So, this unique pattern really offers a new massage experience.

The design grips the skin and offers a cross-friction massage that aims to even out the subcutaneous fat layers and to soothe your muscles with short, firm strokes. The Gator is a must-try. It is great for beginners but also can’t be overlooked by even the veteran Rumble Roller users.

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