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Know What to Eat to Gain Muscle

You know that it is not easy to gain muscle. It takes time, energy, and money to create a chiseled body. You realize that you need some strategies to reach your goal. It starts from the way you eat. We can say that building muscle is similar with building a house. Before thinking about building process, you need to know the best materials. What are your bricks, your cement and your wood in muscle building? What are the best foods for your body? Based on those questions, you are able to find excellent nutrition and combine it with the exercise.


  • You Are What You Eat – Foods You Should Avoid

If you want to gain muscle, you have to eat carefully. Some foods are forbidden for you. Read the list carefully and dismiss them from your daily menu. The first is white bread. This one is high on they Glycemic Index (GI) which means it affects the blood-sugar level. The next foods to avoid are dried fruits. They contain added sugar and sulfur which extend expire date. What’s more, the dried water leads to overeating. You might do not realize how many calories you eat from a box of dried fruits. In addition, you need to get rid the salad dressing whenever you make a bowl of salad. The calories on salad dressing are horrible.

The list is still waiting. You need to forget about drinking soda. Yes, do not touch soda in any form. Both regular and diet soda contain artificial sugar which cause cancer. Yikes! Furthermore, do not need any processed food anymore. They offer nothing but empty calories. When you want to gain muscle, forget about pizza. A slice of pizza contains 250 calories. You do not want to imagine the impact after eating more than one slice. The next food to avoid is ice cream. You might be broken hearted when you hear this. Ice cream contains high calorie, sugar, and fat. Eating this will ruin your plan.

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  • Must Eat Foods

After speaking about the bad foods, now it is the right time to reveal must eat foods to gain muscle. Do not take lightly about foods. You need the nutrients to be the fuel. The first food to eat is lean meat. Choose lean beef as your staple food during your diet. Next, skinless chicken is also an excellent source of high-quality protein. There are so many ways to cook chicken. You will never get bored with the tasty but healthy meat. If you are searching a pure casein protein, you should eat cottage cheese. This one is perfect for muscle maintenance. Buy the low-fat version to maintain your diet.

To gain muscle, you must eat eggs. They contain high-quality protein, amino acids, vitamin D and the other substances needed for building the muscles. There are so many ways to eat egg so that you can combine with the other foods. The next food is whey protein. They are easy to consume and popular among body builders. Another source of protein is tuna. This fish also contains omega 3 fatty acid, which improves fat loss. Besides the sources of protein, you must eat vegetables and fruits to balance your diet.

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