Lauren Laplante Rottman Brings the Trophy Home

It is always gratifying to know how women are succeeding in every area or field there is. They have come far up the ladder removing the disgusting notion shared by some that they are not worthy of accomplishing anything. As hard as it may be to believe, this sentiment still lives today but is being clobbered to pieces time and time again by people like Lauren Laplante Rottman who are definitely a national treasure.

Recent Buzz About Rottman

The Boxward resident was seen this year competing at the NPC Masters National Championship at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The 51 year old bodybuilder surprised all her naysayers by not just competing but winning six consecutive trophies in a row, outshining even the younger competition. Two of those trophies are for first place while the other for second. This level of success especially at this year gives credence to the fact that she is a woman of great passion for bodybuilding.

The Rottman Origins

It would amaze many that the woman that has such a wonderful figure was once not able to fit herself on the seat of a plane because of her size. What is more interesting that she started to attend a six month gym training session to reduce her fat at 37 years of age; the only limited experience of which she only had had at high school. Her dedication to her craft and how she started winning competitions left and right after that is all proof of her hardworking intellect.

Difficult Times & Hardships

Her life story has not always been a happy one. She got laid out of multiple jobs yet stood strong to her belief in bodybuilding. Both she and her husband went through some difficult times but did not lose sight of their goal to compete and achieve their desired targets. Together they did just that, removing the possibility of failure from their midst.

Her Amazing Accolades

She has not only performed in bodybuilding but also in power lifting; in fact, she started out by winning the 2003 Illinois State bench press. After that there has been a never ending line of titles that have her name engraved all over it recent of them being:

  • 2010 NPC Nationals (5th place)
  • 2010 IFBB North American (6th place)
  • 2009 IFBB North American (12th place)
  • 2009 NPC Masters Nationals (6th place)

Last Year’s Tragedy And Comeback

Last year in December, after the death of her husband, Dr. Joey S. Rottman passed away; it seemed to her fans that they would not see her in a bodybuilding capacity anymore. Lo and behold, she has gone straight back to work, worked tooth and nail for her body and achieved the impossible. Anyone can win a trophy but to go through her experience is surely an imaginable thought to begin with.

A Boxword Inspiration

Not only is she an inspiration to women but also the men, who can only hope to match her achievements in their dreams. At such an age when people consider retirement as a suitable option, she is working to break and shatter records. The Boxword area is surely proud of her achievements and considers her an inspiring figure that could be a focal point of moving the new generation into action.

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