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Mayweather Retires With ‘Last Bout’

It was clearly a sad and emotional day for the boxing fans when Floyd Mayweather retired after his last bout on 12th September. Everyone had become accustomed either to seeing Floyd Mayweather performs in the ring or his rants and controversial situations that keep popping up in the news. It is unclear however as to whether he has ridden and left this level of success at a high point or low.

With respect to his last match, the moment when it was announced that Andre Berto was going to be the one to challenge him for the title, there was every indication that it hits the lowest point of his career. Also, the main question after all this is: HAS HE REALLY RETIRED?!

Floyd’s Previous Retirement

Fans know how often the champ makes statements and then chooses to act in a completely different direction to them. The main reason that people do still not believe that this match is his last is due to the same thing he did back in 2008; retire. At a 39-0 streak rate; Floyd decided to issue a quick retire from the world of boxing. However, he has still continued past that to ensure he has a 49-0 streak record equal to that of the great legend, Rocky Marciano. So it is understandable that many people still do not believe his statement and are waiting for him to come back for one last match.

The ‘Disappointing’ Last Match

Now that the sale sheet has come out, it has been verified that the match against Andre Berto was a big disappointment. The sales were the lowest that Floyd Mayweather has ever fought on especially considering the fact that his last fight with Manny Pacquiao was close to 4.6 million. To hit such a time low in the sales department gives the implacable impression that the fans were not at all interested in the last fight. That much was apparent at the very announcement when fans were clamoring for either a rematch with Manny or a bout with Amir Khan. Both were considered the viable choice in terms of polls but Floyd decided to go the other way thus not giving the fans what they desired.

His ‘Uncanny’ Return

Say what you will about Floyd Mayweather; the guys a very smart businessman in his own right. He did not become the wealthiest athlete on the planet just on luck but on careful planning. Some are even suggesting that the last fight was just a hoax and that actually there will be another fight. With respect to his past, it is obvious that a guy like him will certainly want to lace up his boots to beating the 49-0 streak and prove to the world of his undeniable great athletic which, with his last match has been put in doubt.


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