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Muscle Growing Techniques for Women

Men and women have the same muscle growth process but their shapes and goals are completely different. Men are concerned with getting more and more bulky if they get the chance. Most women are not interested in that kind of look. Rather, they are concerned about their body figure to be attractive and sexy yet still have a decent amount of muscle. While men are concerned with winning lifting and fighting competitions, women are also concerned with their model careers.


Any Woman Can Do It!!

Taking the example of Ronda Rousey is suitable in this regard; it’s not as if she is looking for the proper model look when she is training. But even she understands that sometimes looks do matter and she prefers the lean body shape than a bulky one. For those women who wish to acquire muscle for health purposes, they are welcome to do so through a basic daily schedule.

Parts Eligible for Muscle Growth

As mentioned before, the men and women body shapes allows for women to take a different approach. As a basic starter, the main areas that women should focus on are the shoulders, back, abs and the legs. Some women are unsure on working on legs as they prefer the skinny look but it would look unseemly if the upper body part does not match the lower one in terms of muscle growth.

Best Weekly Schedule For Women


A woman needs to set her priorities and then create a weekly setup that allows her to maintain her level of fitness. Her eating habits should also be well timed. Here are some tips that would benefit women in gaining muscles in an appropriate timeline.

  1. Gym Time

Since you are not looking for a serious fighting body, it is better to keep it light and simple at the gym. Three times a week is more than enough; one day off in between will give time to recuperate. Do not overextend and keep reps to a minimum from 10-15 per set. Keep the time short in the gym; working on the muscles does not require working out until they are sore.

  1. Cardio Exercises

Stick to cardio as it can benefit you greatly. Taking a run in the park can fire up those leg muscles. Do not refrain from doing pushups in the morning and before going to bed each night.

  1. Healthy Eating

Say not to protein bars and other supermarket snacks. Make sure to consume food with a good set of proteins, calories and carbohydrates. Water is your new best friend; keep a water bottle close by and drink frequently.


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