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Natural Bodybuilding Techniques to Achieve Bulkier Muscles in No Time

Gym goers, specifically men, have that lusting attraction to gaining mass. Not fat mass, but its functional muscle mass that can make the ladies’ eyes glaze over. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to gain that peak physique one dreams about. Try these natural bodybuilding techniques to achieve bulkier muscles in no time:

Eat, Eat, Eat

Building muscle can’t be accomplished by lifting weights, and lifting weights only. Eating is the most undervalued technique to gain natural muscle mass. Eating three times a day is okay if you want don’t want to maximize your muscle gains. But muscles want to feed—and they feed off of protein and carbohydrates. Try eating smaller portion meals high in protein and moderate in carbs about every 3 hours, six times a day.

Try a Mass Gaining Protein

It’s hard to be a skinny person and attempt to indulge in six meals a day. If this is a problem, consider drinking a mass gaining protein. This is where caloric surplus comes into play. To gain weight, i.e. muscle mass; it’s important to have a caloric surplus. This means that you intake more calories a day than you burn.  Try this for a few weeks—it might help give you the weight boost your body has been wanting.

Lift More Weight

It’s a common misconception to think that soreness and muscle pump are equivalent to putting your muscles under the right stress to gain muscle mass. This is wrong. If you want to truly, naturally gain strength and get bigger, you have to start lifting heavier weights. Start adding weight to the bar every set—you should be lifting more next week than you did the previous week. Of course, plateaus happen. That’s when you should start lowering the weight and adding reps—change rep range every 4-8 weeks to maximize the benefits of lifting for muscle mass.

Lift More Often

Hitting specific muscle groups more often breaks the muscle down further. Frequency can produce muscle building results—the more you lift, the heavier you can lift. Keep hitting your weak points 2-3 times a week. You will be surprised how fast you grow.


This is so important. The art of building muscle is like a staircase. Each step is needed to move onto the next level. Rest is the step that often time individuals try to skip. I know, getting to the gym more often does increase the likelihood that you will gain muscle mass and strength more quickly. However, it’s necessary to listen to your body and understand when it’s time to rest. Try to take an active rest day at least once a week.

Slow Progression is Still Progression

As previously mentioned, adding a little weight each workout is vital to gaining strength. If you train your body to bench press 135 pounds 10 times for 3 sets—that’s as strong as your body will get.  The body hasn’t been tricked to produce muscle because it doesn’t think you need more than 135 pounds of strength to survive.  Take progression seriously. It will be a valuable tool to document each workout every week so that you know how to continue your progressions.

Take Supplements – But Don’t Depend on Them

The key about supplements is the name itself. A supplement. They are meant to be in addition to natural, healthy foods. Look to supplements to gain that extra boost after you have maxed out your current goals. If you find yourself plateauing week after week—it may be time to look for some supplements.

To gain the bulk, eating has to be a priority. Naturally achieving bulkier muscles takes a lot of work. You should value every meal and schedule each appropriately. Start hitting the muscle groups you want to gain size on more often. Frequency is king. Be sure not to skip out on taking your rest days, though. Listen to how your body feels—if you need rest—rest. And, finally, lift heavy! Lower your rep range to about 5 reps per set. Put a weight on the bar that you can only do 5 times. Lift. Repeat. These natural remedies will put some bulk on those muscles before you know it.

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