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New UFC Champion: Holmes Floors Ronda – UFC 193

The impossible just happened and it turned pretty ugly – Holly Holms kicked Ronda Rousey straight out of the title picture by becoming the new UFC women champion. Holms has given Ronda her first ever defeat inside the octagon, a feat that even the top critics through was unimaginable that she would lose. The awe inspiring crowd in Melbourne stood witness to the complete destruction of Ronda Rousey at the hands of Holly Holms.

Ronda ‘The Arrogant’ Rousey


It was clear from the get go that Ronda was uneasy about going through with the title bout. Knowing that she had little to no experience in boxing, she used every low trick she could think of prior to the bout to play mind games with Holly. Also, knowing that she has been unbeaten all this time, it did play a big part in her loss for she clearly underestimated Holms ability to work in UFC.

Holly Holms – The Underdog


Anyone who is a fan of boxing knows full well the rate at which she works. A skilled boxer, this woman athlete took many titles in different divisions before setting her sights on UFC. Still unbeaten, she did not have the level of experience that would make most people think twice about considering her a worthy fighter to face Ronda. However, she proved her naysayers wrong by dominating the entire bout and eliminating Ronda in the4 first minute of the second round.

Kick Of The Century


All fights are remembered not how they started but how they ended. People will talk for years how the high flying kick blew the already dazed Ronda Rousey from her feet. The term KO has never been so clearly implicated; she was taken later to the hospital for concussion treatment while Holly Holms reveled in her success. She is now the top women fighter in the world and is poised to continue that for more years to come….. Smells like a rematch in the near future!!

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