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No Equipment Boxing Exercise for Skill Improvement

If you are a big fan of mixed martial arts, you must know by now how much boxing helps with the practice of every kind of MMA training. Most instructors start with the normal stretching exercises and simple boxing training to help the fighter stay in rhythm. Apart from this, even simple boxing works wonders for losing weight and maintaining shape. In short, even if you are not a boxing professional, you still need to practice boxing every now and then; this will help you build good muscle memory and intense reflex action so you can have a sound self-defense system. If you are an MMA professional or you are training to be a fighter of any type, boxing will help your body to develop a natural rhythm and footwork that will significantly help you with the training and defense. As an essential exercise, boxing works perfectly for people who are trying to stay in shape or are trying to exert their native energy in a very positive way. Even if you are depressed or you lash out quite easily, this is an excellent way to take out your frustration and feel calm. For improving your boxing skills, there are so many different kinds of exercises that are recommended to the athletes so that they can practice their boxing skills without any equipment. These exercises have been specially designed for improving the boxing practices along with the food work, body posture, and technique that works perfectly for the boxing and MMA training sessions.

This pandemic and lockdown are especially hard on people who have been practicing MAA and other kinds of athletes training because now they are stuck at home, and they feel after sometimes they may even forget their technique. For people who are just beginners and they cannot afford personal trainers at home, here are the three most frequently used exercises that will help you improve and practice your boxing techniques and also improve the way you handle the opponent.

Jump Squat

One of the most painful exercises, jump squat, works wonders for boxing athletes. While practicing boxing, most people have awful footwork, which is the reason they lose balance when facing an opponent or when there is an unexpected punch thrown in their way. To overcome the balance issue, jump squats work wonders. This is no doubt one of the most tiring leg exercises that you will ever come across, and if you are wondering this will help you combat your chicken legs, you are absolutely right. With the help of jump squats, you can get rid of chicken legs and develop muscular legs that will complement your overall body. Even if you are not a boxer or you are not a fan of MMA, jump squats will help you develop a good posture, and your legs will look far better in skinny jeans as well.


If you really want to focus on your technique and polish your posture, there is nothing better than shadowboxing. This will not only help you understand your own technique and muscle memory; you will also learn to plan a proper strategy at every point. Usually, when there is an opponent, the fighter feels intimidated; with the help of shadowboxing, when there is no other fighter involved, it becomes relatively easy to plan out a usual strategy, and this helps with the quick and responsive reflex action as well. Shadowboxing requires no equipment and no designated place, so if you are wondering where you can practice shadow boxing, you can do it at home. Most people like to wear gloves or wrap their hands in a piece of cloth; however, this is not important if you are not comfortable. Apart from this, shadowboxing will help you in gaining the confidence to practice in front of everyone as well.


If you are just a beginner who is struggling with stamina, this exercise will work wonders for you. This is a full-body exercise, and if you want to make the boxing lesson easy and effortless, you should add this to your warm-up exercise as well. Apart from the warm-up, a burpee is an excellent core exercise, and it helps you shape up your body by losing fats. Apart from this, it helps you with bodily coordination and better body balance, which will eventually help you with better balance and control.

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