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Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Review – Read the Detailed 2019 Review

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Look good and feel good, this is the mantra of most of the people. Everyone adores and wants to have a perfectly shaped and well-built body as the muscular body feels more manly and attractive. In order to have a good body, one should have enough mass on the bones to cut it and shape in the most attractive way. Gaining mass is not an easy job, it needs commitment, heavy exercise, and a balanced diet and most importantly a companion for your workout you can trust. This is the reason most of the men prefer Serious Mass as their companion in the serious mass building. It provides enough calories you need to put on all those pounds required to develop your desired physique.

This Serious Mass Review is targeted for those individuals who have tried almost every product in the market and still not satisfied with the results. They never got what they desired for. This Serious Mass Review will try to provide an answer to all your questions, inform you about the benefits and help you to take the decision which lingers between your current and desired physique.




optimum-nutrition-seriousmassSerious Mass is the best available weight gain formula. You get approximately 1250 calories per serving of two large size scoops and 50 Grams of protein which helps in muscle recovery. This is the most balanced and instantized supplement which you can take pre-workout and between meals. Not only this you can get over 250 Grams of Carbohydrates and that’s without any added sugar in your supplement. Serious Mass is also enhanced with Creatine, Glutamine, and Glutamic Acid along with 25 Vitamins and Essential Minerals which are essential for your body and muscle growth.

The Main Components of Serious Mass – Optimum Nutrition:

The power of your supplement lies in its formula. Serious Mass is made up of super ingredients. This is the powerful mixture of:

Creatine Monohydrate: This helps in improving your performance in exercise.

L-Glutamine: This is the most common amino acid in the body and helps in minimizing the breakdown of muscle and improving protein metabolism.

Glutamine Peptides: This component plays a major part in the upkeep of the human musculature and also in body healing. Researches have been done that demonstrate the positive effects of glutamine peptides.

Choline (As Choline Bitartrate): Choline Bitartrate is not produced naturally by the body but is an essential nutrient for the body. It promotes the development of healthy tissues and increases cardiovascular efficiency.

Inositol: Inositol is the most powerful vitamin which has a most positive impact on your health. It aids in the effective transportation of fat throughout your body. It also lowers cholesterol levels.

PABA (Para-Aminobenzoic Acid): Para-Aminobenzoic Acid is an antioxidant that is taken as B complex vitamin by some experts. This vitamin is helpful in preventing the buildup of abnormal fibrous tissue. It also assists in the formation of red blood cells in the body.

Maltodextrin: Maltodextrin known to help maintain anaerobic power during exercise. This is the reason why most of the athletes like it and is part of most of the sports drinks.


Why Serious Mass by Optimum Nutrition is Body Builder’s First Choice?

Bodybuilding and weight training are not just about building strength, but often it’s about building mass, too.  If you’ve ever seen a bodybuilding competition, the person with the most massive, ripped physique gets all of the recognition.  Building mass requires calories. You can find a surplus of calories and other benefits in Serious Mass by Optimum Nutrition. Here is optimum nutrition serious mass review to help you understand the miraculous benefits of serious mass.

Effectively training to build mass has to go beyond the gym.  Building muscle mass requires almost as much discipline as it does to burn fat.  For many, the most difficult part about building mass is eating to ensure that you gain the kind of mass that you want.  Sure, a person could sit and eat Butterfinger candy bars all day long, for 60-90 days and end up being pretty “massive.”  But how much of this mass would be fat?  How much of it would be lean muscle mass?  Achieving mass gains with minimal fat weight can be quite tough, but many pro bodybuilders know the benefits of serious mass.

Have you ever seen pictures of a pro bodybuilder during the off-season?  Well, for many this is a time when they still look muscular, but markedly “softer” than when they are in peak training mode.  Many pros use the off-season as a time to bulk, taking in more calories to build bigger muscles.  When competition season rolls around, they get back to training, firm up, cut weight, and get into a shape that’s as ripped and lean as possible. There are no serious mass side effects which you should worry about.

Through this optimum nutrition serious mass review, you will find out that there are two reasons why the weight gainer Serious Mass is a great choice to build mass

1) It’s made by Optimum Nutrition,

2) The calories aren’t junk calories that you may find in some mass gainers.

Optimum Nutrition is one of the most trusted supplement companies in the industry today.  Whether you’re a bodybuilder striving to reach the absolute pinnacle of fitness, or just a regular guy who’s trying to bulk up a bit, Optimum Nutrition is a company that is dedicated to providing QUALITY supplementation for everyone with almost zero serious mass side effects.  Optimum’s weight gainer Serious Mass boasts a massive 1250 calories per serving!  Now if it were 1250 calories of pure junk, you’d be better off eating a tub of ice cream instead…but PLEASE don’t do that! Because with optimum nutrition serious mass side effects don’t come along but a tub ice cream does.

Along with other benefits of serious mass, it does actually contain calories that your body can use to build bulk and muscle at the same time.  In Serious Mass’s 1250 calories you’ll only find 4.5 grams of fat along with over 250 grams of carbohydrates.  In addition to being quite nutritionally-balanced for 1250 calories, keep in mind that this supplement also contains 50 grams of protein, creatine, and glutamine.  Taking this weight-gainer after workouts or an hour or so before bed can actually help improve your recovery, too!  That’s a nice bonus if you don’t overload your body with a cocktail of different supplements.

The weight gainer Serious Mass by Optimum Nutrition holds itself to very high standards; rightfully it should, as it’s used by some very elite weightlifters.  If you’re looking to gain mass effectively, Serious Mass very well may be the mass builder for you.


This Serious Mass Review is not enough to justify the benefits of this product. The super powerful formula of this supplement can offer a vast list of benefits, some of them are:

  1. It builds muscles quickly and effectively.
  2. You can put on quick pounds of mass on your bones
  3. It is enriched with Calories (1250 calories per serving) with 50 grams of protein like WOW!
  4. It is made with such consistency that it is very easy to mix and consume. You just need to blend it for 45-60 seconds
  5. It can also be used as a meal replacement in case of emergencies
  6. It tastes good as it is available in various flavors. You can order one of your choices now!
  7. It gives you increased energy for exercise
  8. Serious Mass is the best value for your money



Not every product comes without side effects. But these are not side effects actually, you just have to be careful about these things when using Serious Mass:

  1. Serious Mass can be a blow in the stomach if you try to drink it too fast.
  2. It can be hard to digest whole of it initially since your system is not used to it which can lead to some gas problems.
  3. The scoop which comes with Serious Mass is quite large. So you may use a small one.



Now at this point of Serious Mass Review, you will be informed about how you can use this awesome weight gain supplement. It’s very easy; all you need to do is add two full scoops of Serious Mass in a blender filled with approximately 710ml of water. Blend it for good 45-60 seconds. Add a few ice cubes if you want to or any other calorie-contributing ingredients and blend it for another 45 – 60 seconds. Your weight gain Serious Mass Supplement is ready to be consumed.

You can use milk instead of water as well. If you add 710ml of nonfat or low-fat milk with two scoops of Serious Mass, you will get a thicker, creamier and calorie-rich shake. New users may begin with ½ of a serving and then gradually increase it to 1 or more.

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Unlike other supplements, Serious Mass has a very pleasant taste. It is available in various flavors. You can choose the flavor according to your choice. The Chocolate flavor is the most liked flavor among all according to serious mass reviews.


When it comes to effectiveness, serious mass is very effective since it comes with loads of proteins in it. It also contains a moderate amount of fat which mostly comes from medium chain triglycerides. Furthermore, it also contains carbohydrates. With its exhilarating 1250 calories, you can expect a lot from it. So overall it is a mixed and balanced supplement with great effectiveness.

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Serious Mass Reviews by Users:


“I ordered the chocolate flavor initially but didn’t find it good for myself. Now I am using strawberry flavor which is quite good as compared to other strawberry flavored products. I definitely put on some weight using this product. This is the best weight gainer in this price.”


“I have been using Serious Mass for the past three months and with a good diet, I gained 15 pounds of weight. I just love vanilla flavor. Overall it is a good product.”

Where to buy Serious Mass?

Serious Mass is manufactured by ON. It is available on their official website. You can buy this supplement directly from this website as well on a discounted price. All you have to do I to CLICK HERE or on the link below, you will be taken to the order form where you can fill your details and your Serious Mass supplement will be on your doorstep within few days.

Don’t be among those who keep wishing for the perfect body, order now and start your journey of attractive and eye-catching physique.


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