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Ronda ‘Rowdy’ Rousey’s Next Fight

The woman that is changing the landscape of not just MMA but the entire sports industry in general is without a doubt, Ronda Rousey. She has been going through an undefeated streak that has ended almost every time with her opponent trying unsuccessfully to come out of her dreaded arm bar move. The most chilling aspect of these fights has been the downfall of her opponents systematically few minutes to the match being started. She is the best known female athlete in the world with her unprecedented skill set and prowess.

Next UFC Title Match

With the fans prospecting on whether she will fall down from the tall mountain that she is standing on – or for those that just wish her to crush her next adversary, everyone is waiting desperately for the next fight. It seems that the fighter to challenge her for the title is Holly Holm. Even though it is next year, both fighters have acknowledged the fight and UFC’s very own Dana White has pulled out the biggest spot yet. Both female fighters are stated to meet at the Ehtihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia in January.

Holly Holm – A Worthy Fighter?

This next fighter is definitely going to be a tough one for Ronda Rousey. She has a background of being undefeated boxing champion and is quite versatile. Ronda has often said her transition from Judo has given her a certain skill set that is rarely seen in UFC, Holly Holm is sure to bring a few tricks up her sleeve. Dana White certainly seems to think so and believes that they will contribute to great PPV buys which is why they are going to be the main event attraction at the next PPV. UFC 193 is definitely going to be a slammer in Melbourne. The biggest question comes with this fight is if Ronda’s streak is in fear of being in danger or is going nowhere.

Ronda Rousey – The Prevailed One

Brock Lesnar recently shared his opinion about Ronda Rousey and spoke very highly of her. He even went so far to say that she was “a man in a women division”. Ronda is considered light-years away from today’s competition by most experts and her confidence of coming up with such a winning streak under her belt is definitely a boost. She is the face of the women’s division right now which is why it is considered impossibility that she will be bought down any time soon.

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