Ronnie Coleman bodybuilding personified

Ronnie Coleman – Bodybuilding Personified

In every sports category, there are people who are considered as its main epicenter. Their success has leveled that of the business and has produced a positive public outlook which has benefited it. Bodybuilding has become a profession even of itself, increasing its significance from being more than a body bruiser relevancy and fighting needs.

If we look for someone in this line for a representative that has generated huge public sentiment for it, inspiring millions in the process, there is no doubt that Ronnie Coleman is the man that fits all these qualities.

Greatest Bodybuilder of All Time

Among countless titles and wards that have been thrown his way, the prospect of being called the greatest bodybuilder of all time is the one that certifies all his achievements in a nutshell. No one could have thought that a football player and police officer from Texas give up his consecutive seasoned careers in the hope to make it into bodybuilding. But make he did, with every intention from the start that his name would go down as history as the best of them all.

Initial Accomplishments

In 2003, bodybuilder Brian Dobson asked to train for the upcoming competition. Ronnie exceeded all expectations, trained fully at the same time when he was a full duty cop. His first win solidified his intention to make himself in this business and he never looked back. He continued to win numerous titles including becoming an eight time winner of the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding title. It is a feat that has withstood a decade and not been broken.

Workout & Diet Strategy

Ronnie Coleman has stated multiple times that he intakes a lot of required supplements for his body. Mostly it is the whey proteins and the vitamins that he takes as part of his daily schedule. To this day, even at the age of retirement, he follows a strict diet plan which he manages around with his workout.

  • His morning starts with white eggs and grits with cheese.
  • Ronnie starts his intense workout just at noon and finishes up by late afternoon.
  • Eating chicken and drinking lots of water are a vital part of his diet which he takes in large quantities three times during the day.
  • He separately consumes his various supplements between his workout for increasing his weight and mass.


 Bodybuilder For The Ages

Ronnie Coleman has inspired new bodybuilders to make a name for them. At a time when it was not considered a worthy profession, Ronnie stood his ground and refined its thinking for upcoming new passionate men and women. More so, he paved the way for this sport and without him, its success would have left much to be desired.

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