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Signs of HGH deficiency in Children and Adults

Human growth hormone (HGH) is one of vital hormones produced by human body which is primarily responsible for the growth and up keep of human body. It not only helps in growth but also plays its vital part in repair of bones and muscles. Human body produces this hormone naturally but with aging and other factors its growth may decrease and in some cases stop. There are certain signs which can be beneficial in knowing if a person is running low on HGH. So this topic is here where we will be talking about the signs of HGH deficiency:

Signs of HGH deficiency in Children:

  1. If your child is significantly shorter than the children of his age, then must be having deficiency of HGH in his body.
  2. Human body follows certain pattern of growth if it works normally. Kids should grow up to 2 inches per year. So if your child is growing less than 2 inches per year then he must be running low on HGH.
  3. Teeth growth is another vital process in the child development. Slow development of teeth is the sign of HGH deficiency in the body.
  4. If your child is HGH deficient then he might have delayed puberty and in some cases they might not go through puberty.

Signs of HGH deficiency in Adults:

  1. Hair loss is a major concern among adults especially for females. One should know that decreased levels of HGH also results in hair loss. So before getting other treatments one should consider using HGH supplements.
  2. Continuous depression and/or anxiety is not good for human health but very few know that depression and anxiety can be caused by decreased level of HGH. So we can call HGH the mood booster hormone.
  3. People have different ways to coupe up with skin problems and this is one of the priciest treatments of all. So if you have thin or dry skin, you might be having low levels of HGH in your body. Taking HGH supplements can help in this problem.
  4. A happy life is positively linked with desire for sex and sexual function. Lack of sexual desire is not considered good. If you have decrease in interest and sexual function, it may be due to low level of HGH in your body.

These were few signs of low level of HGH, if you have any of them you can consult with your doctor and take HGH supplements to normalize HGH levels in your body, See it in details.

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