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Blame the omnipresent reach of social media. Blame a plethora of chiseled Instagram models. Blame a culture during which the media creates an expectation that lovely bodies are what we should always perpetually be working toward.

Many factors can shoulder responsibility for one clear fact: in 2020, more folks are brooding about changing our bodies than ever before.

This increased specialization in our physical appearance wrought by social media’s omnipresent lens is perhaps not a perfect way to attach a healthy understanding of body image.

So, suppose we were to undertake to tug a positive message out from the morass of conflicting statements about body image we would possibly find online. In that case, we will do worse than this one: regardless of who we are and regardless of what body shape seems like, it is sensible to form a daily exercise regime in a neighborhood of a lifestyle.

Regular, vigorous exercise at any stage in life has been shown to confer numerous health benefits, from improved cardiovascular performance to raised sleep to enhanced immune function.

As many of us realize, regular weight training may be very efficient and beneficial, thanks to adding a significant dose of fitness to life.

Social Media Vs. Reality

Weight training delivers excellent bang for our fitness buck. Once we heft some iron, we are essentially burning off fat tissue, which basically sits there, replacing it with muscle cells, which do work and are hungry for energy.

Thus, to a particular degree, the more we lift, the leaner and hungrier we get. It is like we are during a swole-inducing regeneration loop.

What Is Behind Weightlifting?

Most successful weightlifters are focussed on one thing only: getting their muscles to try a particular sort of physical add-ons that applies tension evenly along with the whole range of motion of the exercise.

Fortunately, as we will discover shortly, cannabis is a perfect tool to help we achieve the main target necessary to accomplish this.

There is much jargon that gets thrown around amongst weightlifters. Suppose we are a replacement recruit (often intimidating – but there are many spaces where we are likely to feel more welcome). In that case, we will about ignore most of it, apart from two key terms:

  • Rep: one complete cycle of movement through an exercise (one pushup, one bench press, etc.), from starting position to starting position.
  • Set: a circuit consisting of a specific number of reps of a particular exercise.

Therefore, if we were to perform 4 sets of 12 squats, we would perform 4 consecutive groups of 12 squats for a complete 48 squats. It is typical to rest between sets.

Optimizing Repetitions and Sets

There are a good number of techniques out there for optimizing the reps and sets.

Doing more sets and reps at a lower weight (against fewer reps and more weight) falls under an exercise philosophy referred to as German Volume Training.

By prolonging the number of sets done, the idea is that the muscle cell functions for an extended time, increasing its metabolic output.

This makes the tissue more robust and ready to complete more work, meaning a healthier we. Suppose we perform high-rep exercises for a protracted period of our time. In that case, we will expect to ascertain an actual increase in muscle size.

Many bodybuilders face one challenge: maintaining a cohesive sense of focus once they try to finish German Volume Training-style sets.

To realize a maximum benefit, it is vital to actually specialize in completing each rep in a full, consistent, and repeatable way; therefore, the muscle fibers are ready to move through the maximum range of motion, which confers the best amount of benefit.

However, it is a tough sell to be ready to maintain complete focus over one particular rep when that exercise could also be one out of 500 repetitions for the day.

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Cannabis: A Portal To “The Zone”

However, many athletes who puff and work out or compete do so because they claim cannabis gets them into “the zone.” It provides them with a deep connection between their minds and bodies. That explains why there has also been an increase in grape ape feminized seeds in the market, leading to more cannabis supply.

This is sensible once we consider that cannabis alters our perceptions to help people engage in some physical activity.

Cannabis has been shown, in scientific studies, to substantially affect the way our brains can specialize in and concentrate on elements of our surroundings.

If we employ THC, we will have noticed that our thoughts can frequently drift while under its influence. Sometimes it is challenging to specialize in one thing for an extended period of time.

While this behavior could seem sort of a drawback under many conditions (it is why we should not smoke and drive, for instance ), the phenomenon of “wandering attention” can actually be of great benefit during certain sorts of exercise.

For example, when lifting weights, it is common to possess attention to get “stuck” on one particular portion of every rep’s movement.

Mind-Muscle Connection

Have we ever slogged a way through a workout where it merely appeared like we were on autopilot? You logged 20 reps of a specific exercise with no recollection of what we probably did and how we bought it done?

You may have figured out our body, but we probably did it without engaging our mind. Thus, some percentage of our efforts were likely wasted because we probably did not engage our muscles over the complete range of motion.

Mind-Muscle Connection Comes into Play

It has known that every muscle cell has quite one connection to the network of synaptic cells that govern contraction, with those signals originating within the brain and medulla spinalis.

The more frequently we are ready to use a specific muscle cell, the stronger the connections between that fiber and our brain become.

This is the idea of the mind-muscle connection: either use it and strengthen it or break down.

So what are the simplest thanks to improving the mind-muscle connection so we will take full advantage of each rep? Many amateur athletes are turning to cannabis to assist.

Despite a variety of recent legal changes in many parts of the planet that have made cannabis either wholly legal or decriminalized to some extent, cannabis features a somewhat sketchy reputation in both the amateur and professional sporting worlds.

Cannabis is flat-out banned in many professional and amateur-level leagues. Other sporting bodies can distribute strict penalties if players are found to be using cannabis.

Bottom Line

Since staying on the brink of the right form for every exercise is crucially important, throughout the whole cycle of movement, many pot-friendly athletes say cannabis lets their attention flit from one part of the move to a different, ensuring a clean and continuous lift that’s as on the brink of the right form as possible. One can also order weed seeds and extract the natural compounds at the comfort of their home.

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