Matcha Tea Infographic Final

The Ultimate Matcha Tea Infographic




Who would ever have guessed that one of the world’s “newest” superfoods has been a hit with Japanese Zen monks for nearly 1,000 years? Matcha tea is the answer to the question: What might that old-new superfood be?

The infographic below, prepared lovingly and meticulously by the folks at Matcha Tea, delivers all the facts about his truly amazing drink that is really a food, another one of matcha’s many dichotomies.

What’s in the infographic?

As any science nerd knows, matcha is technically a whole food because the entire leaf of the tea plant is used in making the powder. When that green, super-nutritious powder is added to hot water, it becomes a drink that packs a healthful punch to the body.

But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Let’s take a look at the infographic to see just what it consists of, and how that information can help the average tea drinker, or non-tea drinker for that matter.

The infographic breaks down matcha data into key areas like origins, health benefits, comparison with green tea, some powerful factoids, comparison with other superfoods, the basics of teaware, and how to make it for yourself using nothing but hot water and desire.

Here are some of the high points of the infographic, which makes a good addition to any kitchen wall or refrigerator door.

Origin: Matcha was brought to Japan by Chinese monks who used the drink to stay awake during all-night meditation sessions. The fact that matcha is part of an ancient ritual, which morphed into modern tea ceremony, helps people understand the importance of tea in life, how it can help overcome anxiety and make their bodies healthier. All good stuff to know.

Compared to green tea: The true nutritional champ of the tea market is matcha. It beats green tea and others hands down in virtually every aspect of health and nutrition. Most people think it tastes tons better too, which is why an infographic is the perfect thing for anyone who needs to learn about matcha tea.

Health benefits: Matcha fortifies the immune system and helps burn calories. That’s strong medicine in the form of tea. The infographic lists many of the main benefits of matcha.

Compared to other superfoods: Did you know matcha has about 6 times the ORAC score of gogi berries? That means matcha’s antioxidant profile is off the charts. Shocking but true, especially when those little berries are considered a holy grail of health gurus the world over.

Preparation and teaware

Matcha has its own accouterments too, like a cool whisk and special cloth, and is very simple to prepare. The graphic shows what is needed to make a cup or two and get started on the road to tea loving.


There’s an ancient saying that goes something like, “Give a man a fish and feed him for one day. But, show somebody an infographic and they’ll never have to read a book.”

Maybe that’s not the original wording, but the point is made: A matcha tea infographic can make a “tea believer” out of anyone, and can show them how to choose the best drink around in terms of nutrition, taste and tradition. That’s matcha all the way.

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