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Things To Consider After A Total Knee Replacement Surgery

It is crucial to maintaining healthy and stable knees to perform your everyday activities. One serious accident or fall can prevent you from your favorite ventures, and knee surgery can be the only option to recover from the injury. The average recovery time for knee replacement can be six months and can extend up to a year as well in the case if you have to return to sports or other relevant physical activities.

There is no doubt that you will encounter challenges and pain during the recovery process. Also, the entire process may seem daunting. Moreover, returning to your old lifestyle and doing things as you previously did takes time. Therefore, it is vital to be actively following your doctor’s recommendations and instructions to get a rapid recovery. Though you may successfully resume the regular activities, you may have to avoid doing those that can put excessive strain on your knees.

Here, we will offer some useful tips you need to consider while recovering from the knee replacement surgery. Read on.

Follow The Rehabilitation Seriously

Once you discharge from the hospital after your surgery, it is essential to follow your doctor’s instructions. Make sure to perform the exercise that they have recommended. Though it may seem uncomfortable and painful performing some of them, you should keep in mind that it will take you to the path of recovery. All the pain and frustration are worth the end result. So, don’t give up and keep doing them for better recovery, along with the prescribed medications and ample of sleep.

Consult A Good Physical Therapist

Commonly, after the operation/surgery, your doctor will recommend physical therapy to regain the movement and function. It is crucial to finding a good physical therapist to get accurate recovery. They will examine your condition and design a treatment plan that suits the best for your recovery. Moreover, they exactly know how to restore the function in your knees. For this, they prescribe a variety of exercises and therapies. Also, they use several effective physical therapy techniques to help you recover faster.

According to Axes Physical Therapy, “Physical therapy restores the normal movement, strength, and coordination, and can help you quickly relieve pain and get back to normal activities.”

Use Ice And Heat Therapy

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, “Swelling after knee surgery can last for three to six months after surgery.” You can reduce the inflammation and pain with the help of an ice pack for three-four times a day for about 10-20 minutes in the initial stages after the surgery. When you find that the initial swelling has gone down, you can switch between ice and heat to ease the stiffness and relax muscles. However, if the ice/heat therapy doesn’t show any positive effect on your swelling and inflammation, then you should speak to your doctor regarding the same. Alternatively, you can also think of increasing the periods of the therapies mentioned here.

Keep Your Body As Healthy As Possible

If you look after your health religiously, then you are most likely to recover faster from your knee replacement surgery. However, if you have the habit of smoking, then you should either cut it or reduce it. It is because it shrinks your blood vessels and slows down your recovery process. Also, you should avoid having alcohol if you are on the blood thinner or narcotic medications.

Ensure you are not putting on weight, as it might put pressure on your knees, resulting in slower recovery. Strong muscles always help in recovering faster. So, strengthen them by performing low-impact activities such as walking, swimming, peddling a stationary bike. Consider doing these exercises only when your doctor says to do so.

Avoid Putting Unnecessary Strain On Your Knees

After the knee replacement surgery, during your recovery process, ensure you do not lift heavy objects, as it may put excessive stress. Moreover, when you turn in a different direction, avoid twisting your knees. Instead turn your entire body to the desired direction. Do not forget to have a correct form/posture while bending down. You can review these and other movements with your physical therapist so that you do not make mistakes. They will provide useful training programs to help you resolve your postural troubles in this regards. Follow these tips and instructions to not indulge in an activity that can hinder your recovery process.

Do Not Miss The Follow-Up Appointments

When you discharge from the hospital after the surgery, consult your team of experts regarding the follow-up visits. Moreover, if you are to stop any regular medications, then you should know it before leaving the clinic. Also, inquire about when you can begin taking it again.

Avoid Having Any Other Surgeries During Your Recovery Process

It is vital that you should not schedule any surgeries while you recover from your knee replacement surgery. Consult your physician before you have any dental work. Moreover, do not have operations in your intestine or bladder, as they may cause infection in your healing knee. In the case of an emergency, it is advisable to consult your surgeon before going for any surgeries.

All surgeries and individuals are different, and so is their recovery. Therefore, it is advisable that you follow your doctor’s instructions and recommendations to have a perfect recovery from your knee replacement operation.

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