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Things to know about Orlistat

Often we leave no stone unturned to stay fit. From doing exercise to eating right and healthy, we do everything yet we fail to achieve our goal. Why? Actually, we often need an accelerator. There is a stereotype that weight loss pills should not have opted. Well, that is wrong. We only need to opt the right one. It is Orlistat!

How Does It Work?

Orlistat is a medicine. When it is about aiding obese folks to lose weight, Orlistat is the only way out. Usually, fat from our diet is broken down by enzymes that are found in our stomach & intestines, which is absorbed into our body to be stored. Orlistat halts such enzymes from performing their functions – this means around 35 to 40 percent less dietary fat is going to be taken up by our body. It makes our unabsorbed fat to pass directly through the digestive system.

The image below also represents how Orlistat works:

Can Orlistat aids in losing weight?

It is effective for everyone & is often called a miracle weight loss pill. It is recommended particularly to those who are overweight & if their previous weight-reducing efforts have not worked or had halted to work. Orlistat as a weight loss drug has to be followed by a sensible & balanced diet, as well as exercise regularly. Then there are going to be more chances of losing weight efficiently.

How effective is Orlistat?

As per a  clinical trial study, the average weight loss was observed at around  50 percent extra with Orlistat as compared to placebo with diet. That means that if you have to lose 6 kg, choosing orlistat with correct diet is going to make you lose 9 kg. Moreover, a study has shown that folks who take Orlistat maintained their weight loss far better than in the placebo group.  For best effectiveness of Orlistat, one capsule has to be taken with every main meal (a maximum of three capsules every day)  before, during, or up to an hour after each meal. If one has missed a meal or the meal does not has any fat, he should not need to take the capsule.

How to take Orlistat?

It is available in two forms. They are Xenical & Alli. Xenical is the prescription dose (120mg) of it, whilst Alli has half the amount (60mg) & it is available to buy over-the-counter. Both of these treatments eye at & remove fat in the same way. It is suggested, as mentioned above as well, to take one capsule within an hour of eating each of your main meals. One at breakfast timing, one at lunch & another one at dinner. You need to continue taking Orlistat for minimum three months for the purpose of seeing if it is proving effective in your weight loss.

How to get the most from Orlistat

Just taking it is not enough. You need to take the most out of it. For that:

1):- You must eat well. But you need to try to cut down the dietary calories by about 600 calories per day. This is going to result in the loss of 1lb per week, which is a healthy weight loss.

2):- You must learn the art of enjoying your food. For that, you must eat slowly & stop being in haste. This will keep your hunger at bay.

3):- You must exercise regularly.

4):- You must avoid temptation. You must keep the cupboards free from unhealthy foods.

5):- You must know that weight loss takes a bit time. You need to be realistic goals in mind. You must monitor your progress & not give up!

Set your targets

A successful weight loss journey depends on realistic & achievable goals. When one commence taking Orlistat, he is going to first weight loss target should be to lose 7 percent of his weight in the first few months. If you have succeeded in losing the weight, you will be capable to continue with the treatment. However, you do not need to be disheartened if you suddenly stop losing weight with Orlistat. Take a good break. After that, you must try again.

What are its side effects?

Side effects related to it are mainly linked to the reduced absorption of fat that actually passes out in the feces later. The symptoms are usually mild & not everybody experiences them, but keeping to your low-fat diet is going to reduce the risk of them occurring. Such symptoms usually improve after a few weeks when your body gets adjusted to the new medicine.


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