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Things you need to do for Weight Loss Motivation

It is very much necessary to get a simple point that being healthy is not merely about the number on our bathroom scale. Beside keep-a-check-on-calories diet and heavy workouts, there are many other factors that influence your overall journey towards fit life, mood, activities, and health besides just weight. If being obese is influencing your day to day life to the extent that you are facing sudden mood swift and depression, often weight loss as the goal is the only way out. Sadly, even if after deciding to lose weight, we fail. Because we do not do the quest for “how to”. Looking for the motivation to really make those healthier choices is totally another story. You must not mix it with anything else. Here are few ways to make you get motivated to lose weight today:

1):- Do not forget your reason: Weight loss motivation commences right when you figure out why you actually have to lose weight in the first place. Maybe it is for having more energy and willpower, or for keeping up with your children, or for lowering your cholesterol level, for living far longer or for getting fit into your favorite pair of jeans. You must find that “WHY” for your weight loss, and keep on recalling it every single day. The clearer you are going to get about your reasoning, the more motivated you will feel and be. Thinking about long-term payoff like disease prevention etc is great, but lots of people also need an asap payoff. If you fall in the second category, you must think of how great and positive you feel about your body right after a great workout or a healthy day of healthy eating—that can also be your way.

2):- Seek Out A Supportive: Usually eating your healthy food all alone or doing walk at home can be very isolating and discouraging. A points come when you get so used to your routine that scenarios forces you to saying “I am going gaga… I can not take it anymore… I need a break… ” You know what? That breaks never end. Striving to pull yourself out of a rut and make some positive changes is itself a long tough journey sometimes. Hence, getting a supportive and positive community is so important. You can join any gym ( – if you are staying at home buddy, opt online coaching, SealGrinderPT Fitness is great at that), choose a workout buddy, hire your health coach, or join an online fitness community of other folks who are putting a renewed focus on their health. It is going to motivate you a lot to keep going even after encountering challenges or setbacks!

3):- Accept yourself the way you are: You must love yourself first, no matter how much your weight is. Making you goals a priority is great, but withholding your own approval “unless you lose weight” is not a great plan. Though your bathroom scale can give you the internal validation you require to believe in your own importance, Self-love commence and ends with you. “I do the workout because I love my body & aiming to just be active, not because I hate it. I just don’t like my inactive modes” –  you must make this your mantra. You must keep in your mind that you are good enough just the way you are, and do not view your journey to better health as some penalty, but as a reward. In whatsoever avatar, You must feel special & treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated.

4):- Make a Positive Daily Affirmation: Weight loss is not a physical challenge, it’s more a mental fight. You must build up your mental toughness as well as your self-confidence so that when push comes to shove, this mantra can get you through such days when you do not feel like doing exercise or you are feeling low.

5):- Expect Progress, Not Perfection: If you are going to seek perfection, you will set yourself up for disappointment. You are going to have days when you muddle through your workouts and others where your feelings are going to be as if you are on top of the world. You must try to avoid “all or nothing” thinking, where you absolutely scrap a day if you eat a cookie or miss your workout. You must follow the 80/20 rule of looking at your fitness journey: aim to eat healthy and workout 80% of the time and totally expect that 20% of the time you are a human being (and not any robot!) and life is going to get in the way of your desired plan.


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