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Tips for Creating a Bedroom for Seniors

Here are some tips that are very relevant for anyone who is interested in adapting a bedroom for senior use. You can be a child who wants to bring a parent into your home, and interior designer who is creating a bedroom for a senior client, or even a senior who wants to renovate.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re interested in adapting a room for a senior.

 Firstly, try to keep the colors bold and contrasting whenever possible, so that your loved one will notice the difference between, for instance, his bed and the dresser. Also, make sure to put in a senior potty chair for instances when the person who will be sleeping in the bedroom needs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

 be sure to keep the floor clear. Carpet or flooring is really up to the person who will be sleeping in the room, but here are some pros and cons of each. Carpeting is great in case of a fall: it prevents the person from getting injured as severely. Flooring, in contrast, can cause much more painful injuries when an individual topples on it. But before you decide between the two, keep in mind that a cane is harder to use on carpet, as is any other walking aid.

 You may want to place a rug on the floor at the edge of the bed, where falls are prone to occur. This is a sort of compromise between flooring and carpet.

 Make sure the room is well lit. Include a lamp on the night table in a spot that is easily within arms’ reach. If the person doesn’t usually keep his cell phone right next to him at night, you may want to have a telephone installed and kept on the night table in case of emergencies.

Now you know how to renovate a bedroom for a senior!

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