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Top Notch Bench Press Chest Exercises

When taking the task of prepping up the body at the gym, it is said that every body part needs to be given equal amount of time so that it can build up nicely. But the chest part stands as the core and if not given immediate and extra attention from the start, it can become a hurdle in exercise meant for other parts of the body.

Bench Presses

bench press

Chest exercises take the lead in every initial gym workout as they are necessary to achieve the right balance. Without it, the other exercises can become hard to complete thus making the workout complicated which is the last thing it should be. The bench press is the coveted and best exercise when it comes to pumping up the chest and, if used correctly, can handle the weight for other drills quite well.

Inclined & Declined Bench Presses

These types are important to perform otherwise they will not have the full effect on the upper and lower chest consecutively. Most go through the inclined bench press but prefer not to do the other one. The declined bench press allows the lifts to gain muscle at the lower chest area thus helps in developing the abs as well. The type of exercises that should be performed while in such position on the bench is as follows:

  • Barbell Bench Press

The basic exercise and most bodybuilders begin with; lifting the bars at a certain height from the chest and continuing the reps with respect to the weights. This helps in strengthening the shoulder muscles and pumping out the chest in the upper middle.

  • Dumbbell Bench Press

Dumbbells are also used while performing such bench press exercises. They are normally used as working straight like with the barbells and lifting sideways in order to bring equal mass between the chest and the upper shoulder muscles.

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