Muscle Building

Vaping and Muscle Building

Due to the rising popularity of vaping, quite a lot of attention is being focused on how it interacts with health, wellbeing and common activities like working out. common questions about vaping is how it affects muscle development. Since smoking is an impediment to effective working out, many people tend to believe that vaping too has negative effects on muscle building. Observing a healthy diet and adequate exercise are both essential for building bigger muscles. To build bigger muscles therefore, a person needs to adopt a regime that not only works out the muscles but helps them shed the body fat as well. Here is how vaping might actually help you build bigger muscles.  If you just need vape juice, click here.

Muscle Building

Nicotine Suppresses Appetite

Just like with conventional cigarettes, vaping exposes you to a fair amount of nicotine. The only difference between vaping and smoking is that vaping protects you from harmful substances released during the burning of tobacco. Nicotine has for a long time been used in appetite suppression. Studies indicate that nicotine possesses outstanding appetite suppression characteristics. As a matter of fact, a significant number of people smoke as a way of shedding off weight.

As earlier mentioned, to build lager muscles, one needs to shed off extra fat to leave room for muscle building. Vaping is proving to be a brilliant way of achieving this. While supplying you with an adequate amount of nicotine, vaping keeps you safe from the toxic substances that would otherwise be consumed if smoking. By keeping your appetite in check, you will have an easy time observing a healthy diet in order to gain muscle weight.

Besides its ability to suppress appetite, nicotine has also been observed to help in reduction of body fat in other ways. Nicotine increases thermogenesis considerably, a process that consumes lots of body fat. Nicotine also increases caloric expenditure by raising the metabolic rate of the vapor.

Nicotine affects the secretion of certain hormones, insulin being one of them. Vapors experience reduced insulin secretion. Insulin’s function is to allow the body cells to transform glucose into energy. When the secretion of insulin is reduced therefore, the body cells increase their use of body fat in order to produce sufficient energy. The increased body fat expenditure helps create room for the development of bigger muscles.

Organ Health

Drawbacks of smoking is that it compromises the health of various body organs such as the heart and lungs. Vaping being a healthier alternative offers the same experience while maintaining the health of these body organs. A vapor can therefore work out effectively without experiencing any challenges that may arise from poor organ health. By allowing users to work out, vaping assists in the development of muscles.

Although vaping might help you build bigger muscles, it is important to keep it to minimum levels, especially when headed out for the gym. Nicotine raises the blood pressure and increases the heart rate. When working out, this can be dangerous. It is thus recommendable to vape a reasonable time before commencing your workout.

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