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When was the last time you took a moment for yourself?

You are All Allowed to Live the Richest Life

Bombardments of words. That’s what we deal with on a daily basis: promises, commands, other people’s definitions. We meet silence and expect it to be tranquil, only our minds race with inner chatter and noisy banter. We shake confidence’s hand and are surprised to feel a slight residue of sweat when we pull away. We bump into happiness on the way to work and are alarmed to find it elsewhere, in travel, in family, in physicality instead of in career. This forces us to evaluate the entire definition of the word success, which we had defined by richness. When was the last time you took a moment to redefine the key words in your life?
Too often we forget that experiences define our outlook. Too often we forget that it simply means: if the definition doesn’t sit right, change it. Feel your callouses grip against sandstone as you climb steadily up Red Rock Point in Arkansas to replace your definition of trust. Analyze one piece of the sky for three and a half hours to realize that new is in every subtle shift of air. Pour yourself a new flavor of tea every morning and fall in love with the range of what delicious means to you.
You can reinstate a sense of self just by starting from the abc’s of your personal dictionary.


Shakespeare once said ‘Poor and content is rich. Rich enough.’ So define what rich means for you and live the richest life. Buy the ‘poor man’s’ car and drive it around like you have nowhere to live. Have enough items to fit neatly into one box, with just enough room for several life-changing books you’ll give away. Rent the one bedroom where the sunlight leaks in from all the right windows and the furniture belonged to good people you’ve never met.

Eat well and soul satisfyingly. Hit the road often. Hit the skies even more. Wake up with the awareness of your pulse and make your breath worth six lifetimes. Make it worth ten thousand rivers and fourty-five mountains covered with Evergreens. Make it worth half the Amazon and one-third of the Savannah. Live the richest life. Make it so rich, death will kiss you on the forehead and apologize when it comes to take it away.

AUTHOR: Zuhair Sharif, I am a Passionate Digital marketer, SEO expert, Love to play cricket and table tennis, write about interesting stuff that opt to change lives! find out my articles on how to achieve goals

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