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Why is sea buckthorn useful for women and how to eat berries?

Autumn is an active season for collecting sea buckthorn. Useful properties of this berry are preserved even during heat treatment and freezing.

Why is sea buckthorn useful for women?

Inflammatory Processes

Sea buckthorn contains magnesium, iron, silicon, manganese, boron, and carotene, which is more in this berry than in carrots. That is why the juice from the fruits of sea buckthorn and the oil extracted from the seeds is used in gynaecology for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the female reproductive system and inflammatory infections.


Why is sea buckthorn useful for women? This berry contains vitamin B2, which normalizes reproductive function.

Varicose veins

The berry also contains vitamin P, which can reduce blood clotting; mainly it will be useful to those women who have problems with varicose veins.

Magnesium For Mood

Yellowberry is useful in magnesium. This trace element has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, uplifting and relieving depression.


Sea buckthorn contains large amounts of vitamin C, which serves as an excellent prevention of colds.


Sea buckthorn is useful in containing large amounts of antioxidants, which is why it fights against premature ageing, and also serves as an excellent prevention of cancer.

It is enough to eat only 100 g of sea buckthorn per day to saturate your body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Berry can be added to tea, make jam and cook compotes. You can also use fresh.

In the autumn, our body especially needs support.

Healing remedies are not recommended to be prescribed independently; it is necessary to seek help to take multivitamins over 50 years of age from a doctor.

multivitamins over 50 years

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