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Why Steroid Users Are Banned From Competitions

There was a time in the 90’s when the steroid cases started gathering the media highlights; before then it was considered a normal thing to use steroids. But what has caused even the least progressive sports companies to ban such a product? Especially in bodybuilding, where the whole criteria is to build up the ton of muscles, it is not only banned but its usage even fines its users to thousands of dollars and, if possible, suspension of their licenses to perform for a number of years.

The 90’s Scandal

There was a great emergence of this scandal at the start of the 90’s mainly in the wrestling business but which encapsulated other sport professions as well. The newer versions of steroids that were being produced and supplied in the market at that time contained seriously damaging toxic substances. There were also various deaths occurring during that time of high profile company employees and athletes that were using them consistently.

High Addiction to Athletes

Great athletes who were taking these steroids in secret for pumping up their muscles got taken out for using such methods to win competitions. This was bad publicity for the businesses that sponsored such events and therefore came close to ending either people’s careers or the sport side altogether.

The Increasing Deadly Effects

In the later years, there came more scientific researches that concluded that widely assumed negative effects of the steroids were turning out to be proven right. Certain deaths in the business turned out to be such blows to their respective companies that they had to employ strict regulations to check their athletes for steroid usage.

No Steroids Means ‘Fair’

The ‘No Steroid’ policy is best for any sports business as it allows the competitors to be able to amass their bodies through hard work instead of injecting themselves with steroids daily. It brings fairness to the competition and suitable options are taken to check people and bring them to task if they tried to take the easy way out.

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